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How To Draft A Personal Essay?

How To Draft A Personal Essay?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 03 Dec, 2019

Students often face trouble with personal essays. They are quite puzzled as they genuinely feel that every paper they give is a personal essay. But everything isn’t that simple and one needs to distinguish between a descriptive essay or a research form, a personal one to be able to expect high grades.

One can get the whole point of an assignment from a personal essay definition. It’s a written assignment that aims to render one’s personal story to the audience. It could be an example from one’s life or a personal thought on a given topic.

One should always remember that a personal essay is a great tool to influence readers. It could be both inspiring as well as depressive, one should take full responsibility for the things one writes.

Sometimes one takes essay writing help because students tend to make silly mistakes.

Some of the most popular mistakes which prevent one from creating a great personal essay are as follows;


Writing a personal essay isn’t tougher than completing a term paper or research, but still one needs to organize their essay properly. One should make a list of things they want to discuss in their paper. This listing would save their time and nerves in the future.


One might be quite surprised to find that a personal essay’s success largely depends on the subject one choose. One should make sure that their story is meaningful and engaging, modern and interesting for the readers. Try to select a topic that is relevant and then spice it up with examples from one’s own life.


If one doesn’t follow an accepted pattern then they risk losing the whole point of the story. One should make sure that they know what elements should be included in their essay, to make it logical and easy to real.


One’s essay should teach the readers a particular lesson. This is why one not only needs to tell the story but also explain how it changed one’s personality and how it could contribute to the reader.


A personal essay might have loose language but one should still avoid using slang and clichés, as it makes the text weaker.


If one wants to understand what a personal essay is, then one should first get familiar with its common structure. Like any other type of paper, a regular personal essay should also contain the following elements;


One should start their essay with a brief introduction to the topic. They should explain the main goal of their story, express their outlook on the subject and describe what results the reader would get at the end of the essay. Close the paragraph with a catchy thesis statement. It must contain a sentence about the aim of the paper and a hook to engage the readers.


Its quantity will depend on the number of issues one wants to discuss. One should start every paragraph with a topic sentence and then support it with a few arguments and additional details. Try to limit the number of arguments to 4-6, so that it doesn’t make one’s essay too long and boring.


One can close their essay with a summary of everything one has discussed in their work. One shouldn’t try and add new information in this section, as it is only for summarizing the essay and not for the introduction of new details.


The best way for one to learn how to start a personal essay is by having a clear picture of the main features it should contain and its key requirements.

Firstly one should ask the professor when starting one’s essay, what are the formatting demands? The personal essay format is quite different from one college to another, so everything depends on one’s institution and class.

Generally, a personal essay has quite a simple form and it doesn’t require any rules on the fonts and sizes. It does not have any list of references, so one just needs to keep in mind that one’s essay should look clean and tidy, double-spaced, and simple to read.


  1. The matter should be significant
  2. One should start with an opening sentence that intrigues the audience and doesn’t bore them
  3. One might feel tempted to use someone’s thoughts but one shouldn’t, one should use their thoughts
  4. Build characters and thorough characteristics of every person in the essay
  5. Always write an outline
  6. One should use various literary tools such as metaphors, personifications, and so on
  7. One can find the weak spots in their essay by reading loudly
  8. One can ask their friends and relatives to read and check for any grammatical and lexical errors


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