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How to Create Your Own Study Guide?

10 Dec

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How to Create Your Own Study Guide?

Preparing for an exam can prove to be stressful especially if you lack adequate resources. Moreover, when you do not know where to begin, how to plan and go ahead etc, you get distressed. Hiring an online assignment help will ease down the task. Using a style guide can save you from stress by helping you figure out what you have already prepared and what you need to study. Prior to discussing how to create your own study guide, let us begin with what it is.

What is a Study Guide?

As the name implies, study guide is an aim containing printed notes. The guide is designed with the aim to assist students with the learning process. It emphasises important concepts to be learnt and competencies to be picked up during the tenure of the course. It also discusses and reviews topics to be covered.

They can make the entire process of preparing for studied much more manageable. Here is a quick look at the basics first.

Beginning is important so begin with the basics first:

If you want to ace the exams, you need to work right from the beginning. You cannot create a style guide if you not have not taken up any assignments and failed to understand the concept. So, it is good to be prepared just the right way. Be present and attentive in the class, do the requisite readings, complete the homework assigned to you and engage in a group discussion with your peers. If you are doing this consistently, creating a style guide and acing your exams will be easier.

Use Notes, Reading and Homework Assignments:

Nursing is one of the commonly pursued courses whether or not you have chosen nursing assignment help, keep the copy of assignments given with you, it will help you create a study guide. Always remember that your notes, your homework assignments and your reading assignments are very helpful in preparing your study guide. So, go through the assigned reading and the classroom notes again and again. It will help you zero out which topics did your faculty spends most time on, what are the ideas or concepts that are commonly discussed in the class.

Focus on the content of the course is very important. So, you need to compile notes is very important to create a study guide which is all inclusive and clear version of the class notes. Do not copy word by word and try to understand the basic concept.

Handwrite Your Study Guide and Paraphrase:

In fact, typing is faster but handwriting is much more powerful. When you handwrite your guide you are sorting through the important information and writing it down. This will help you learn the information available before you. Make sure that you have put the information in your own words. If you are able to paraphrase well, you understand the term, likely to remember them.

Focus on the Main Concepts of Each Chapter:

If you have nursing assignments to be done you should seek the nursing assignment help Sydney and begin to focus on the important concepts of a particular chapter or section. Focusing on more important information is essential. You need to make sure that you have reviewed the subjects prior to writing on them.

Seek Out Additional Explanations, Resources and Definitions:

The most important of all is to pay heed in the class and on the topic in which teacher is laying emphasis on. So, make it a habit to prepare notes, read them at home and understand the concept of what is being taught in the class and marked as important. You can try summarising and paraphrasing the content that can help you evaluate whether you have understood the concept. Trust the feeling of your gut and move on to research more on the important topics. Explore a particular concept to its fullest, find out additional resources, definitions and explanations.

Gather handouts, previous study guides, and tests etc. for your final exams and have an upper hand over others. If you have palpable amount of information available before you, you will fare better. Make sure to include all the important concepts elaborately from the different sources.

Condense the Information Available With You:

Most important of all is condensing the study materials that are available before you into manageable sections. The main purpose of study guide is to make studying much more convenient. Your study guide should be handy and ready to take anywhere before the exams. All the sections of the information should be marked clearly in bold and organised in a numbered or bulleted list for an easy access.

Consult Your Teaching Faculty:

Most important of all, consult your teaching faculty for the pattern of exam and how much the objective and subjective portion would it cover so that you can focus on making your studying guide accordingly. But, do remember that it is just a summary and a convenient option for the lengthy text book so be precise as much as you can and make the best possible use of it.

Study guides are an important tool that helps you alleviate your stress. If a lot of material is being covered in the study guide then consolidating it will be very difficult. Hence you need to be tricky for sorting out the main information to be focused and finding a suitable design that can work the best for you. Preparing a style guide is all about organising important information into the most user-friendly way.

Study guide caters your particular needs and helps you ace your exams. So, stop getting overwhelmed and save yourself from a lot of stress by strategising and preparing a style guide.

Be planned and be prepared! Wish you all the luck.

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