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How Do Professors Feel About Grading Papers?

How Do Professors Feel About Grading Papers?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 11 May, 2020

Every student wants to grab top grades in the examination and strive for the same. But, only a few of them are able to impress professors with their assignments because most of the times they fail to produce a desirable quality. Hence, taking an online assignment help for the same is always recommended. Those who want to write their own assignments should be aware of the psychology of examiner and how do they feel about grading their papers.

We have come up with a complete insight about how professors feel about grading papers. It has been rightly said that professors love teaching but they do not like grading your assignments and more than that they get little time to go through and evaluate your paper. Different professors have different feelings about writing and handling your papers. They may have different mindsets and moods while evaluating semester papers.

It is hard for them to make out which papers would be fun to read and worth getting top grades initially. But, when students try to write their own assignments like essays without any professional essay writing help, they should keep in mind that the first impression matters a lot and hence they should pay heed to formatting and styling.

A properly formatted and cleanly written paper leaves a great first impression and motivates professors to read more.

Professors Look for Clear-cut Approach:

Main purpose of giving assignments is to see whether the students have grabbed the concept well or not. So, they try to look forward to a clear-cut approach in solving the papers, writing essays or doing any other assignment. If the students seem to be beating around the bush, trying to create a mess with their words, they fail to impress.

So, whether it is a technical subject like accounting or a subjective subject like literature, it is good to have a clear-cut approach. If students follow a clear-cut approach it is a manifestation of the fact that they have understood the concept well. It is easy to get top grades by following a strategy of clear-cut writing. It is good to take a look at the papers done by a professional accounting assignment help to know what a well-written paper is.

Content Matters More Than Style:

Professors are experienced subject experts who know that different students have different writing abilities and hence they are not much bothered about which writing style are they following. Students are able to score more if the content is information rich, properly formatted, good to read and presentable. Students have to keep in mind that they are not giving the test where their writing abilities would be judged and marked accordingly. On the contrary, they are judged for what they have listened and understood in the class. For most of the professors content matters much more than the style.

Quality of the material presented in the assignment helps the professors find out whether the students have been attending classes regularly and can assess how well their understanding has been addressed in the assignment.

Some Professors Are Subjective in Grading:

Most of the professors are subjective in grading. They read the entire assignment carefully and then grade. So, it is difficult to say whether just proper formatting or a good handwriting matters more or an information rich content. If professors are reading assignments right from the beginning till the end than the content should be immensely good and information rich. If assignment is essay writing, an introduction that can grab interest of the readers and a conclusion that can leave a great impact should be written to obtain high grades.

Most of the Professors Use Grading Rubric:

Professors use grading rubric to break down how the papers should be graded. Some of the papers are subjective in nature and others are objective. A grading rubric is used for knowing which section is to be marked how. So, students need to be aware of the marking criteria and should know which section will be marked how so that they can focus on them accordingly. It is good to know how grading rubric works actually, because in all probability, grader will use that rubric. Some professors review the paper and provide comments finally on them for assigning grades. However, researches are there to prove that even the same grader can grade differently so a complete care needs to be taken.

Step-by-step Presentable Work:

Written assignments are more intense, there are definitions and step-by-step sequential work. A presentable work is like the first impression on the minds of evaluator. If the work is presentable it will motivate the instructor to read more. Lengthy assignments actually take a couple of hours or even more to read fully and grade but if the work is presented sequentially with a proper bullet and numbering at the right places, the entire assignments seems to be great and can help the writers fetch top grades.

Efforts should be directed towards making the entire assignment presentable and easy to read. It is good to make use of a good vocabulary if it is an assignment on paragraph or essay writing. Otherwise it is good to be simple and make use of easy words.

Different Assignments Have Different Marking Scheme:

It is tough to say which assignment would be evaluated on what basis. But, there are different types of assignments and different types of marking scheme. Different types of assignments are graded differently. If the assignment is subjective nature it becomes a little difficult to grab good grades in that. If the assignment is technically oriented like writing the case analysis or doing accounting assignments, a top grade can be expected.

Most of the professors judge the assignment on an initial level and if assignments appears to be good, begins and ends well they are likely to be get good grades in that. As a matter of fact, they rarely get enough time to read through the entire paper when they have stacks of 20-30 or even more papers to evaluate and grade.

They Pay Heed to Grammar and Spelling Errors and See Whether the Work is proofread:

Most important of all, spellings, grammar or any factual errors leave a bad taste in the mouth of instructors. So, fixing mistakes and any type of other errors should be a prime task of every student. However well assignment may have written if it is laced with grammar, spelling or factual errors it would not be worth getting good grades. Whether the professor reads your paper fully or just have a glance over it, errors are easier to spot. Some professors write notes on the margins and write down why the marks are deducted in the assignments.

Proofreading is the most important task that students should be doing to grab good grades if they want to grab good grades in their assignments. When a professional assignment writing service is hired, a quality assurance team makes sure to check the entire work before submissions because they know that this is a very important consideration of grading papers which professors take care of.

Before knowing how the professors grade the assignments, it is important to note that they do not spend much time of evaluating a single paper. At the most, they can spend 10-15 minutes on a paper and then they move to the next. Hence it is good to be presentable and bring the best possible that can be easily noted on the paper. If students fail to bring the desired impact on the mind of professor they end up in compromising their grades which is the last thing they want and hence an utmost care of formatting and presentation has to be taken. Writing an assignment can be a difficult task indeed when students lack time or fail to understand concept of the topic given.

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