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LiveWebTutors 06 Oct, 2014

The word “homework” may lose the enthusiasm of your child but you should stand strong with him. You must encourage your kiddo to do his or her homework with full heart and soul. Only then he or she will be able to get good grades. Think yourself to be the coach and cheerleader for your child. It will help them in both ways they will get knowledge and will be entertained. To solve the problems of your child parents must develop a habit of conversing with their child. This will bring harmony and peace in the life of your child’s homework. Here are ten homework tips that will stop the tears, complaints and stress of your child’s face this year.

  1. SET UP HOMEWORK ROUTINE: If you don’t set up your homework routine, you might be in big problem. Just try to make it as soon as you can because a routine can help your child for the better work. Some kids do better, right after school while others need some time to relax and have a snack before attacking their homework. No matter what routine you choose just stick to the results.
  2. HELP BUT NOT TOO MUCH: If you are lucky to know yourchild’s homework, it’s a very great as now you can help your child with his/her homework. If you do so, no problem is there for your kid as well as they will not require any tutor to solve their problems because you are there for helping them.  Guide and assist your child but not too much. Let him do the work himself.
  3. MAKE IT FUN: Studying in fun releases the burden on the heads of the children. Tell your child to make a fun of their studies and not take it as a heavy weight on their shoulders. This way your child feels relaxed and he will be ready to learn without making excuses for studying.
  4. TIME NINJA: There is lot of difference between the middle school and the high school and to remove this balance time is the most efficient thing that you can save within these two studying period. The academics, extracurricular and the social life misbalance your life between the elementary school and the high school. Help your child in putting together a schedule either online or use an erasable whiteboard– whatever works for your family. 
  5. IT ALL COUNTS: If your child is planning on going to college, their freshmen GPA will go on their college transcript.  Make sure your child is taking the right mix of classes and see what support is available at the school. You can make an appointment with your child’s school counselor to ensure you are on the right track.
  6. TAKE A BREAK: Research shows students don’t concentrate well for long periods.  Rather than demanding your child finish all his/her homework in one sitting, encourage him/her to take breaks every 20-30 minutes. It helps your child’s mind to get refreshed and to start their studies with a fresh and healthy mind. That’s also a great time to check their phone, get a snackor just get up and stretch. They’ll complain less and be more productive.
  7. TIME TO TELL THE TEACHER: If your child is facing problems in his/her studies now is the right time to tell the teacher that what problems your ward trying to cope. Your child may write notes to the teachers or can take the help from the elders. The teacher will be glad to know that your child had problems with the assignment and needs some extra help. This helps your child to gain his/her confidence and to do their work with full heart and soul.
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