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Guide to Write an Excellent Abstract

Guide to Write an Excellent Abstract
cal LiveWebTutors cal 17 Dec, 2019

An abstract is generally a summation of a long piece of work like a dissertation, thesis, or a research paper. Abstract plays a crucially important role in the long form of writing as it enables a reader to get a glimpse about what the essay is all about. An abstract serves as a testament to one’s work and is often a deciding factor for a reader whether to proceed with further reading or not.

An abstract generally appears in the beginning of a work. But it should be noted that the abstract should be written after the completion of the work. It must also be remembered that an abstract is not introduction to any work but is in fact a summation of the entire piece of work. An abstract in general is a 300-400 word document, but it may vary depending upon the requirements of one’s work.

What purpose does an Abstract solve?

An abstract is a summary to one’s piece of work. It gives an outline to the entire work document. An abstract should be suggestive of the work of the document. It should be self-explanatory and not a paragraph or excerpt from the assignment. An abstract in simple terms is the first impression that a writer exhibits on to the potential reader. It briefs a reader about the content of the document. The abstract underlines the motive, intentions, purpose of writing that document. An abstract contains the essence of the entire piece of work.

Abstract is vital for any long piece of document as it serves as the blueprint for the reader. It should reflect the entire document in brief. The tone and purpose of the writer should also be reflected in the abstract. An abstract should be the last thing to be written after the completion of the entire work.

How to write an Infallible Abstract?

The process of writing an abstract begins only with the completion of writing of the proposed document. Take up the task of writing the abstract once the work on the final document is accomplished. This is essential as your document is the main source/ essence behind the abstract. Read your document multiple times and note down the important points. Make a rough draft having brief analysis of your work. Work on the draft. Make it compact, crisp and to the point.

Always try and begin the abstract with strong statements (preferably of your own) that might justify your entire piece of document. Give a brief but crisp introduction to your abstract. Always remember that the abstract acts as a precursor to your work. It may be a deciding factor for the reader to comprehend your entire document. Once the introduction is sorted, begin towards the main contents to be included in the abstract.

After the introductory paragraph, comes the main content that describes your work. The main body of the abstract must contain brief analysis of the main subject dealt with in the entire piece of work. It should give the readers the idea/main theme your subject matter. It should also throw some light on the methodologies used during the creation of the document. Drop some hints about the prominent and vital references resorted to while writing the document. Include the inference from some of the first hand research work that you might have conducted, it makes the document more appealing.

Do not hesitate to include some of the inferences from appropriate studies or facts. This emboldens and provides strength to the document. The facts and studies so included give the work a validity and reflects the expertise of the writer.

The end of the abstract must be conclusive. It should bind all your thoughts and processes in to one package. The writer should focus on the statements thus made in the abstract. They should not be in contradiction with any of the theories/studies that the work suggests. Conclusion should mainly give away the purpose of the entire document. It should reflect the important objective that the writer is aiming to achieve through the respective piece of work. Overall, keep the language of the entire abstract simple and fluid. Keep the tone suggestive in respect of the main underlying theme of the document.

 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Abstract

Writing a perfect abstract is an attestation to a successful piece of work. An abstract may be a deciding factor for a document is perceived among the potential readers. While writing an abstract to your document, one must avoid making the following mistakes in order to accomplish a flawless abstract:

  • Do not begin with a quotation.
  • Keep the abstract original and bring out your own thoughts.
  • Avoid using citations as it creates confusion for the reader.
  • Do not opt for detailed or elaborative analysis. An abstract should be brief and suggestive.
  • Keep in mind the length of the abstract. It should be as crisp as possible. Long abstracts make readers lose interest in the entire document.
  • Do not give away entire results or main points. Make it engaging thereby inciting the reader to proceed further.
  • Do not use abbreviated words as they bring ambiguity. Use complete words and phrases in order to make your points/statements clear.
  • Avoid using heavy vocabulary. Use simple but strong words to lay emphasis. Frequent use of fancy words discourages a reader by making the document difficult to comprehend.

 We have reached our conclusion and we may conclude by saying that the abstract is as crucial to your document as any other part. Invest your time in writing a well-articulated abstract as it is the highlighting factor in your document.

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