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Importance of Good communication Skills

Importance of Good communication Skills
cal LiveWebTutors cal 26 Oct, 2020

A comprehensive guide to perfecting communication skills and improving your overall personality

Nailing the right communication skills can prove to be beneficial for multiple aspects of your life. Be it your academic career, a professional vocation, personal development, or social outings communication is an integral part of your overall progress. 

In today's hectic and competitive scenario, individuals rely on sharing information successfully with each other in order to lay great emphasis on their point of view, and good communication skills are essential to master this aspect of your personality. Attaining good communication skills is a vital factor in your overall being and should never be overlooked. 

This article will help you to understand what is communication and identify the right way to master crucial communication skills so, without any further delay let’s dig right in. 

What is communication?

Communication is defined as the act of transferring information, facts, ideas, emotions, and other details from one source to another. it can be done successfully by using audio, visual, written, and nonverbal means.

The ability to communicate accurately and effectively is the most essential skill an individual can develop throughout his life. It is the act of communication that allows us to understand what is being directed to us via gestures, voice, books, graphics, or body language. 

Even a newborn baby, reacting to the sounds around him showcases his urge to communicate with the surroundings. Many times a combination of different communication modes is used to portray a message successfully from one place to another.

A brief introduction to communication skills and their type 

Every individual in this society uses certain abilities to send or receive information successfully.  These abilities are recognized as communication skills. Most communication skills involve empathizing, listening, observing, and speaking excellently. 

It might take individual months or even years to master communication skills. The ultimate objective is to understand and be understood. Poor communication skills can have a negative impact on the message leading to miscommunication and annoyance in multiple circumstances. 

We have prepared a short guide on different communication skills that can help to smoothly pave your way into relationships and opportunities in life. 

  1. Interpersonal communication skills: The communication skills that are used when an individual is engaged in a face-to-face conversation with one or a group of people are identified as interpersonal communication skills. 
  2. Verbal communication skills: The flair used to transmit or receive a message successfully using your voice involves mastering verbal communication skills. The words a communicator uses make a huge difference in whether the audience can grasp the message or not. Verbal communication skills involve learning about the language, sentence structure, and vocabulary to be more precise.
  3. Non-verbal communication skills: Unknowingly we use multiple nonverbal gestures such as science body language, facial expressions, tone and pitch of voice, and our appearance to communicate without using our words. These gestures are usually Used to reinforce the message we have to min catered wire other communication modes. 
  4. Active listening communication skill: Communication is a two-way process so, listening is as important as transmitting the message successfully. Active listeners are well-regarded in their respective fields because of the attention and respect they offer to their colleagues or peers. Listening is a hard skill to develop as most of us are usually distracted by interruptions like cell phones, laptops, or any other task. Asking questions, commenting, or presenting ideas are some of the skills you can use to highlight your interest in a conversation. 
  5. Presentation communication skills: Presenting a piece of information in a formal or informal setting requires an individual to develop much-required presentation skills.
  6. Writing communication skills: Good communication skills are not just limited to the verbal mode of communicating with other people, it also focuses on your ability to write and convey your message successfully. Writing communication skills allows students or professionals to learn, understand, and transmit ideas more effectively in a suitable environment.
  7. Personal communication skills: Personal communication skills refer to the abilities that an individual should acquire to maintain a healthy balance between mind and body. Confidence, self-esteem, friendliness, and other traits related to your attitude are a major part of this section of communication skills. A strong command over these abilities allows a communicator to feel positive about his words. 

Developing perfect communication skills is a tedious process. An individual usually continues to learn about communication proficiency throughout the course of his life. To slowly and steadily master this process, one needs to start working on communication dexterity as soon as possible. Even the slightest of achievements can help you to portray your ideas more effectively. 

Significance of acquiring finesse with diverse communication skills 

Effective communication skills help an individual to transmit information clearly and accurately and in the right manner. It is an important life skill that every student should work on mastering without any negligence. The significance of communication skills in different aspects of life is demonstrated concisely in the values below: 

  1. Enhanced reputation in academic institutions or workplaces.
  2. In-demand soft communication skills allow an individual to reach new heights on the professional front.
  3. Better communication abilities allow a student or employee to speak confidently. 
  4. Being proficient with communication aspects helps a student to progress in his career.
  5. Better communication skills enhance your overall image in front of your friends, family, professors, and even employers.
  6. Well-developed communication skills influence the way you learn new things. They make you confident enough to raise questions and think critically in the right situations. 
  7. Good communication skills help an individual to build a better reputation with his peers as they feel like they are being heard and listened to.
  8. Effective communication skills lead individuals to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. 
  9. With the support of the right communication skills, a student can develop leadership skills more accurately. 
  10. A strong grasp of communication skills helps the students to access the tools and resources required to actively participate in society. 

Some people master the art of communication without even trying, they are just natural at it. Altering their language as per the audience and situation, structuring the message as per the receiver,  and using the right words to get their point across rapidly are the magic of successful communicators. They make the entire process seem effortless while they have spent hours or even months honing this adroitness.

While working to master the communication process an individual gets to know a lot about himself. Each of their actions can be a step towards their success in some of the most important fields of their life. 

Tips to improve your own communication skills 

Here are some pointers prepared by the diligent experts of the industry to help you in hands your effective communication skills in today's competitive era:

  1. Select the right medium for transmitting your message. As stated above, there are multiple modes of communication known to mankind. It is important for a communicator to choose an appropriate medium to send his message successfully to the target audience. For instance, if you want to talk about the scholarship with a student, then it is more appropriate to communicate in person rather than sending an email about the matter. 
  2. Your initial step should be to become a good listener. In order to become an exceptional communicator, you need to master the skills of active listening. Pay close attention to what your peers have to say and raise logical questions for a better understanding of their message.
  3. Acknowledge what others have to say. Developing an attitude to respect what others have to say is an important aspect of the communication process. It can simply begin by using a person's name or simply by paying attention to the conversation happening around you. This makes the other person in the conversation feel appreciated and thus builds up an honest and productive bond with you. 
  4. Use as few words as possible. Do not ramble while communicating and get straight to the point. This will help the listeners to avoid tuning out of the conversation and grasp the information as soon as possible. 
  5. Always have an open mind towards stressful situations. Even if you disagree with someone, you have to sympathize with their point of view rather than start an argument. One of the most important criteria for developing good communication skills is to respect the opinion of others not demeaning them.
  6. Learn the art of good body language. Eye contact, hand gestures, and the pitch of the voice are some of the factors that help you to communicate effectively. Communicating with a relaxed body language and friendly tone will make you more approachable and comfortable to talk to. 
  7. Reflect confidence. Remember to be confident in what you are saying in your interaction with others. Do not sound aggressive or demeaning while communicating your message. 

Investing in your time and efforts in enhancing your communication skills is a reward that will be rapid in every aspect of your life.

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