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Give your career a shape with these 20 summer internship programs

Give your career a shape with these 20 summer internship programs
LiveWebTutors 10 Jun, 2017

Job hunting just after college can be stressful. It is high time for college/university students when they need to do a summer internship in the industry of their choice. Nowadays, almost all top -rated organizations offer summer internship programs for the fresh graduates. The candidates must make optimum use of such opportunities as they can sharpen their occupational skills and abilities as well as better the chances of recruitment in their desired organizations.

Summer Internships: A Way to Success

The summer internship is the best way to shape up your career as a well-trained employee. Through these internship programs the student,

  • Gets an exposure to the corporate environment to get a better understanding of the work culture.
  • Gets in touch with the professionals in his field, earn references and enhance his future job opportunities.
  • Can develop his skills.
  • Learns to bring theoretical knowledge is into practical usage.

So, if you are student who has freshly graduated from a college, find out the appropriate place for your summer internship. Here’s a list of some organisations that offer summer internship programs for students:

  1. Deloitte: Deloitte offers financial and risk advice to its clients. The company gives soft skills and technical training to the interns. Interns usually complete a Masters of Tax or Chartered Accounts Program here.
  2. PwC: They hire mainly from accounting, finance and management backgrounds. PwC gives you the chance to learn through innovative learning approaches, on-job training, and real problem-solving experiences.
  3. EY: EY, formerly Earnest and Young, offers financial auditing, tax, consulting and advisory services to clients across the world. Under the Vacationer Program, if the performance of an intern is found exceptional, he/she will be given a chance to attend the International Intern Leadership Conference (IILC) in Florida, USA.
  4. Woodside Energy: Woodside Energy deals mainly with oil and gas manufacturing and distribution, with a worldwide presence. They look forward to giving chance to new talents.
  5. Google: Google specializes in IT and Communications. It gives a 12-week long internship program, where you get an opportunity to work on its core products and services, and also provide support to its engineering operations. For non-engineering students, they need to work on consultative sales and customer experience as part of the Google Marketing Solutions Team.
  6. Commonwealth Bank: In Commonwealth Bank, summer interns work in the daily functioning of the bank right from the first day. They are given real tasks in the bank’s business and customers. The interns get an opportunity to receive formal training for soft skills and technical development.
  7. Microsoft: Interns are given roles in almost all the departments by rotation. They will get training in sales, marketing, and customer-facing technologies.
  8. BHP Billiton: This Summer Internship program brightens the resume when interns apply for its Graduate program after completion of studies. For engineering and science background students, it will be mostly field operations or site work. The HR, IT or Finance background candidates will have to report to the capital city offices and do paper works.
  9. KPMG: Under its internship program, interns majorly work with the tax, advisory and audit teams. KPMG makes its interns work with the nation’s top organisations right from the first day, and communicate with some brightest minds.
  10. Goldman Sachs: There are multiple internship programs here ranging from a 1-week summer internship to full-time jobs for high-performing candidates. They hire candidates from disciplines like Applied Math, Liberal Arts, Science, and Engineering.
  11. Qantas: Qantas is Australia’s largest domestic and international airline. Whichever program is opted for, one will be provided with on-job training and experience. There will be formal coaching, classroom learning, performance planning, personal grooming and lot of feedback sessions.
  12. Telstra: Telstra offers a 12-week summer vacation program to final year university students doing their major in Engineering, Mathematics, Information Technology, Accounting Business, Marketing, Commerce, Finance, Arts, Law, Arts, International Studies etc.
  13. L’Oréal: L’Oréal is one of the world’s largest pure beauty products company. Interns here are given roles in rotations across varied areas like E-commerce, Sales, Digital, Category Management, Merchandising, Marketing, Supply Chain etc.
  14. ANZ Banking Group: During this paid eight-week summer internship program, the interns get to experience how it’s working with ANZ along with a field experience in the banking industry and corporate world.
  15. Arup: The summer internship program is however mainly for the engineering background students.
  16. Rio Tinto: It has roles available for interns in Geology and Geosciences, Engineering and Community Relations. Students who are pursuing degrees in engineering, science, law and occupational health and safety can apply for its summer internship program.
  17. Suncorp Group: The Suncorp Vacation program is a 10-week long program where one gets to interact with experienced industry leaders. Interns are exposed to world-class projects. Part-time jobs are also offered till the interns complete their course of study.
  18. Reserve Bank of Australia: The RBA Internship Program is an eight-week long vacation program. Here interns get a first-hand experience of how Australia’s central bank functions and what roles they are expected to perform if they join this government agency.
  19. Water Corporation: Interns from almost all study backgrounds are given a chance to work with the best minds in the industry.
  20. Allianz Australia: It invites interns from varied backgrounds such as Arts, Accounting, Commerce, Finance, Social Science and all other relevant degrees.

Once you find the most appropriate place for summer internship, don’t sit back to contemplate on the pros and cons of corporate summer internship program. Apply for your internship course and learn how to thrive successfully in the corporate world. Livewebtutors, wishes you success in your endeavours. For any help or any queries, you may contact us. Our online help services will try its best to resolve your queries.  At Livewebtutors we can also discuss the benefits of internship programs if you want to have a one-to-one talk with our experts. Learn the tips, and walk through the hard race of the corporate world with an air of self-confidence. Join the internship programs to make the best use of your time.

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