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A letter to your future self

A letter to your future self
cal LiveWebTutors cal 04 Jul, 2019

Hi there! I hope this letter finds you in good health. I can't believe another four years have gone by. So, it's true, time flies. By now, you probably would have graduated college and started a new job in the corporate sector or maybe taken a break. Well, as of now I am starting college. Lucky you, you have already graduated. I have picked a management course and will be pursuing my bachelor's in management and leadership.

I hope that by now you must be sure that the decision you made by picking this course is finally paying off. I hope that by now you must have confronted your dilemma and your fears about the successful career perspective in the management field. Well, the reason I am writing this letter to you is that today, I came back from my first-day college orientation and got my photo ID. I want to let you know that I feel positive about this field and course as I have been researching about the potential career perspectives. My professors have explained various growth areas in this field and I hope that you have grown to be a successful manager or leader. In high school as well, I was always good at handling events and seminars. Remember when we were the speaker at our high school graduation ceremony when we worked in the prom committee for organizing the prom and when we conducted the inter-school literature festival? I believe that I had made up my mind about what I wanted to do in the future. Since then I have always thought about working in the corporate world or maybe a startup where I can successfully put my skills of team management at work. With this course, I will learn about the basic and core values of management and leadership. And maybe by the time I am you, I will be so much better at managing things. I need you to be confident about our decision and make it work. Well, whatever it is I’m sure you made the right choice. Remember the advice that was given to you by a professor just a few weeks ago: take the time you need to figure everything out. It’ll be the best decision you ever made.

So far, I have been doing pretty well and I do feel that it has made a difference in my life somehow. Remember about the scholarship that I applied to to get into this much-esteemed college? But then the application got rejected. I remember being hopeless about the decision I had made of opting for the management course. But then a few weeks later, I got into this college with my course preferences, and look at you now, you have graduated. You must feel like it was just yesterday when you were being hopeless about your career and worried that you won't land anywhere.

Apparently, your parents had played a great role in your life by making you apply for all those scholarships that have ended up helping you pay for your college education. Don't you think that that late night studying for tests and maintaining good grades in high school has really paid off well? Hope you are probably doing what you have always said you will do and more. I want you to know that I have always had an interest in various fields of management and leadership. If you didn't succeed in one, I want you to not lose hope and go try for another field in management. If you are upset, let me remind you of a few successful career paths in management. These days Supply chain management is quite a big growth area, then you have change management, brand management, human resource management, organizational behavior, consumer behavior, and operations management. I have always been a hard worker and I hope you still are. I know that you will figure out the best path for us and would eventually success in achieving the mutual goal.

Some words of wisdom might help you, so, know that I never let negative energy dim my passion, it may slow it down but never erase it. This is the reason why I am studying in this amazing college and that's where it has led me to. I’m sure you figured that life would end up going pretty well for you, but I just wanted to diminish any doubts you might have had. So work on like we used to work when organizing a prom or a literature fest or the graduation ceremony. I have always known that I was meant to be a manager. Now that you are starting a new phase of your life, a new job, or maybe a course or higher studies, I need you to make it work for the both of us and feel satisfied with what he has achieved through all those long nights studying and the dilemma of decisions and rejections. After all, it was your dream to start your own company someday, wasn't it?

I wish that you are doing what you always wanted to do and the fact that you are happy with the choices that lead you here. So, how is managing a team in a superb corporate office going? Is it all that I thought it would be or is it a lot more than that? I still wonder about that. Do you have any thoughts about pursuing higher education or a degree in management? I would love that. If you have time, you can give it a thought. I mean we survived college and hopefully ended up good. Why not give it a try?

But anyways, as I said, I don’t have much time. I wanted to write this letter to take time to congratulate you on all of your accomplishments because you’ve always had a habit of not doing so very often.

Anyways, I hope these last four years have been as incredible as I’m hoping it will be! 

I’ve got to go now, but remember this: stay motivated. You’ve gotten this far and there is no turning back now. You can only go up from here.

All the very best for your future endeavors.

Your 18-year-old self. 

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