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Expectations vs Reality: The Assignment Life of a Student

Expectations vs Reality: The Assignment Life of a Student
cal LiveWebTutors cal 12 Nov, 2019

Got an assignment to be made?

Is this your 1st assignment?

Well, in this blog we will discuss many reasons behind students facing issues with their assignments.

Assignments are a piece of academic work to be written on a given topic. They are issued on almost all the subjects. Some assignments are very easy and some may be completely technical.

No matter what type of assignment you get, you have to give a lot of time into preparing your assignment. An assignment becomes valuable only when it is made creative and attractive.

How to make a proper assignment?

Assignments do not contain a mere paragraph on a given topic. They have to make it in such a way that the readers become very interested in going through it. Thus, before making an assignment, it is very important to properly plan it. While making an assignment, keep the following things in mind.

  1. The content must be adequate. It must not be incomplete in any way.
  2. It must be properly formatted.
  3. It must be properly structured as per the requirement of the reader.

Students do not plan their assignment work. Hence, they are unable to make them as they expected. There are many more reasons for students expecting better marks and landing up getting too little.

Studying the content:

Have you even studied the topic upon which you are to write an assignment?

For students making an assignment is a mere copy-and-paste job. Hence, they do not take it seriously and undergo to study the topic.

Due to this lack of knowledge, they are unable to make an attractive and creative assignment.

Time Management:

Students lack the skills of time management. No matter how early they get an assignment, they will start preparing it in the 12th hour. The only motive they carry is to just complete their assignment and submit them. They do not concentrate on making their assignment a good one. Starting in the last hour, they are unable to do good assignments for themselves.

Lack of skill:

Preparing an assignment requires a lot of skill. But why to even think of it if you can merely copy and paste the entire content from another source? Due to this lack of skills, students are unable to make their assignments proper and attractive. They end up getting an average mark on their assignments. Sometimes, they even fail to get their assignment approved.

Inadequate content knowledge:

Writing content in your own words requires a lot of hard work. You have to keep in mind that your sentences are proper. Not only this, you to be sure that you have made the proper use of punctuation and grammar in your content. Hence, due to a lack of this knowledge, students are unable to structure their sentences properly in their assignments. A reader won't be interested in going through your content if it contains a lot of grammatical mistakes. Hence, you have to be sure that the assignment you prepare is free from such errors.

Ignorance of mistakes:

Everyone makes a mistake when doing any work for the first time. Hence, it is very important to learn from it and not repeat it. However, students lack this attitude in them. They simply ignore their mistakes and end up repeating the same. Thus, no matter how many times they have worked on their assignment, they are unable to score better marks in it.

Overconfident attitude:

Students carry up an overconfident attitude in themselves. They believe that whatever they do is correct. Due to this, they even do not care about referring their work to an expert for further rectification and improvement. Hence, they remain unaware of it and fail to learn from it.

Dependent Nature:

Students do not want to undergo their work on their own. For this reason, they are unable to learn and explore new things. They remain dependent upon others for almost all of their work. Thus, even after spending a lot of time making assignments, they are unable to develop a skill in learning how to make good assignments in their academic year.

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