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7 Easy Ways of Overcoming Exam Stress - Exam Tips

7 Easy Ways of Overcoming Exam Stress - Exam Tips
LiveWebTutors 27 Jul, 2016

Exam Tips: Exam, the very name brings anxiety for all of us. However, we need to understand that the exams are not meant to make us realize what we do not know; it rather intends to make us understand the extent of our knowledge as well as our areas of improvement.

Still, most of us take a lot of stress before and during exams, which might bring nervousness and spoil our performance and thus our grades.

To combat this, here comes this article with a suggestion of some easy to practice ways towards reducing and beating the stress that exams might cause.

Following are the 7 Exam Tips that can help you to overcome from the stress of exams: 1- Consistent Studies

The major mistake that most of us make is that we start rigorous and serious studies only when the exams are closer.

However, in case that we maintain a consistent flow of studies all through the year, we would be able to have a better preparation at hand and not be stressed of the last minute rushing, where we might be unable to understand a lot of topics.

2- Do not mug, understand

While you may find it easier to just do mugging of the answers of the questions at the exam time, it is rather advised that even if you are able to understand lesser concepts, you should give that a priority.

This is because even though it is possible that you forget what you just mugged, you will never forget what you understand in detail and hence you will be relieved of the stress because you know the topics in detail.

3- Keep Things Organized

The common way that we all study is by collecting and making notes, however, at several instances, we tend to lose the focus due to unorganized notes. It is important that they are placed properly in files or notebooks so that you can have a smooth learning experience thus reducing stress.

4- Take Appropriate Breaks

Our mind needs some break and works effectively after necessary breaks than in continuous studies. There is little that we are able to understand when we are exhausted of studying.

It is advisable to take walk in fresh air if you feel that you are unable to understand topics and feel stressed. This really works well.

5- Follow the Routine

While we make various routines to be followed, we tend to lose a way of following it at several times. It is important to follow the routine because then we are able to work properly and evade any stress.

6- Sleep Well

The significance of sleeping well during exam preparation as well as during exams, help a great deal in reducing exams stress.

A good night sleep assists the brain in assimilating novel knowledge into the brain’s long-term memory such that it can be recalled at the time the need arises.

7- Evade Distractions

As far as possible, try and study in an environment where there is no or little distractions such that you can concentrate well while studying.

This is important because studying in distractions inhibits learning and thus you may take much longer to understand a topic in comparison to what it should actually have taken.

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