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Everything You Need To Know About Preparing a Brochure

Everything You Need To Know About Preparing a Brochure
cal LiveWebTutors cal 21 Feb, 2019

A brochure is a marketing material used by the company to inform customers about their product or services. A company can prepare a brochure for multiple things such as introducing themselves, explain details of goods and services offered, samples etc. Preparing a brochure helps the company to attract large number of customers and boost its sales volume.

Preparing a brochure is an easy task. Designing an effective brochure is necessary as it provides information about the products and Assignment Help services of the company. The more helpful your brochure is, the more customers you will attract. In addition to the images, there are several elements that make an effective brochure such as font, content, paper quality, print etc.

Here are few things that you should keep in your mind while preparing a brochure-

  • Be specific: Brochure is a valuable material that is designed for boosting sales. While preparing the brochure, you should be specific to the products you are selling and do not include too many things. If you are offering more than one product, it is desirable to have multiple brochures. For example, if a company is selling groceries, cosmetics, health care products, then it should have brochures for each of them.
  • Decide the layout: One of the important things to prepare the brochure is to design its layout. It means you have to find the way you will share your information and the how many number of pages does your brochure has. The number of pages depends on the quantity of information you want to share. To promote main information in the brochure, you can use paper fold.
  • Get the right content: The content contained in the brochure includes text, prices, images, contact details, order form, QR code etc. Use the same font to add content throughout the brochure. Moreover, the content should be accurate. For this purpose, you should cross check all the information before sending it for the printing.
  • Keep yourself in the reader’s shoes: Before preparing the brochure, you should identify your audience. Decide whether it is an individual or a group. Your voice should be based on your audience. For example, for preparing a brochure of kitchen design, you should include more lifestyle information and design options. For writing for corporate purposes, you should discuss about monetary impact.
  • Put emphasis on the benefits: Apart from giving the overview about feature, you should also discuss the benefits of your products and services. Your information should be quick and effective for the readers as it acts as a salesperson. For example, in the brochure of kitchen design, you should explain the benefits of having a modular kitchen and how it impacts the living status.
  • Exclude irrelevant information: Because of the limited space, it is important to eliminate irrelevant information. Avoid information that has no impact on your product and its sales. However, you should include information such as company’s images, logo, contact details etc. excluding unnecessary information is important as the audience is not interested in reading the stories.
  • Include a good headline: A headline should explain the interest and problems of the audience and it should be followed by an effective solution. Many companies start with the background information about their company. However, the customers are not interested in such information. The audience is more concerned about them and their problems.
  • Attractive cover page: An eye-catching cover page attracts the customers to read the brochure. Include images of the products you are dealing with. In addition to the image, you should add texts that impress the readers. You can make use of certain taglines on the cover page that provide information about you and your services. This motivates the readers to read the next section of the brochure.
  • Break information into sections: Instead of writing information in long paragraphs, add headings and sub-headings. You can also make use of the bullet points to write product details. This impresses the readers and they read the entire brochure. For example, if the company is dealing in health care product, then they should write information about each product in separate paragraphs or using the bullet points. However, it is important to have flow in different sections.
  • Address the reader: To make the relationship between you and your customers, you should address them as ‘you’. This will regard you as an intelligent person that is interested in its customers. Begin and end your brochure with your customers. Use case studies or real life examples to provide information about your product. Do not forget to add a section of the FAQ.
  • Include testimonials: Testimonials are the effective way to build trust among your customers. Include the testimonials of the satisfied customers with their names in the brochure. Also include other relevant information that seems legitimate. Add information about the changes that your product brings on the lifestyles of the users.
  • Include a call to action: A section of a call to action is included in the brochure to ask the customers to visit your stores and call you to know more and book appointments. Your words should be emotional and create empathy. For example, in brochures of kitchen design, you should include the image of a happy family enjoying their food. This is an effective way to invite customers to your shop.

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