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Everything you need to know about Expository Essays

Everything you need to know about Expository Essays
cal LiveWebTutors cal 30 Oct, 2019

An expository essay is a type of essay that is required to investigate information, evaluate the pieces of evidence, find out inferences from information, and set an argument that the information is clear for the readers. ‘Expository' is derived from the word ‘Expose'. Thus, an expository essay can include either investigation, evaluation, or clarification of a piece of the given information.

There are five categories of expository essays:

1. Descriptive Essay - A descriptive essay is used to describe a particular thing. It can describe a given subject or a place. It can describe a particular situation or experience.

2. Process Essay - A process essay explains the process of making or doing a particular thing. 

3. Comparison Essay - A comparison essay is used to make comparisons between two or more things. 

4. Cause and Effect Essay - A cause and effect essay is written to state the cause of something and its effect on something else. 

5. Problem/Solution Essay - A problem/solution essay is used to present a particular problem and solution for its readers. 

Expository essays are given to students to evaluate their hold on a given topic.

These also form part of the examination questions. An expository essay must be written in the following ways: 

Thesis Report

An expository statement is generally a concise, clear, and defined thesis statement that is stated in the first paragraph of the essay. The thesis statement must be written under the guidelines mentioned. One needs to follow the necessary guidelines to make an effective and persuasive essay

A structured transaction

Transactions in an essay are the bedrock behind the formulation of a good essay. The writer must keep in mind that there must be a logical progression of the transaction in his essay. Without such a logical presentation, the user will not be able to understand the actual crux behind writing the essay.

Detailed Paragraphs

Each paragraph should explain briefly at least one idea on the topic. Thus, the reader will be very clear in understanding the essay. It also enhances ease in the reader to read the entire essay. It must be noticed that each paragraph in the essay must have a logical connection with the essence of the thesis in the opening statement. 

Evidential Proof

Students must keep in mind that the essay contains evidential proof of almost everything mentioned in the essay. This enhances the chance of allowing the reader to get a better understanding of the essay writing. You can even add references from a given case or paragraph or any book or article. Though illustrations are not counted as a part of pieces of evidence, they ease the readers in getting a better understanding.


The conclusion part is the most important one in your expository writing. You have to draft a conclusion in such a way that it summarizes all your important points. These important points must be backed with supportive information. The conclusion must be formatted adequately. All the points must be arranged sequentially. The reader must be able to follow a particular flow in reading the entire conclusion.

The above contains all the information concerning what is an expository essay.

An expository essay is not very tricky to write. However, certain things must be kept in mind before starting to write an expository essay.

  1. Proper formatting must be given to your essay. The font size must be appropriate. Generally, “Times New Roman” and “Times” are the generally accepted standard font. The font size must be 12. Keep in mind that the same font size is applied to the entire essay. Headings must be mentioned in a bold format. Keep in mind that you add page numbers in all the pages. If required you can also add footnotes and endnotes. Prepare an appealing cover page for your essay.
  2. Before writing a final one, prepare a draft essay. This will enable you to find your mistakes in your essay. Mark all your mistakes. Take adequate steps in rectifying them. Practice it daily. You will notice that you will be able to give a better presentation to your essay free of errors. 
  3. You can also take reference from some books or articles before writing your expository essay. Read other essays. Try to get an understanding of how they are presenting the pieces of information in your essay. Read the essay on different topics. You can also take the help of someone who is an expert in writing an expository essay. Take note of all the important points discussed while writing an expository essay. This will help you in making your own attractive and creative essay.

Thus, by following these steps, you will be skilled enough in writing an expository essay

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