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English Mistakes Commonly made in dissertations

English Mistakes Commonly made in dissertations
cal LiveWebTutors cal 01 Jun, 2020

Irrespective of your pursuit of a degree, the dissertation aims to be one of the most fundamental documents that ascertain your performance in university.  Due to the abundance of mistakes, strategizing a number of English norms essentially determines the need of the hour. Are you looking for rectifying English Mistakes Commonly made in dissertations? Keep reading the context to gain a deeper understanding.

This increases the urgency to be aware of the common mistakes performed by individuals. It is not a crime to not have a strong proficiency in English. As a result, students often feel stressed to frame a well-written dissertation, devoid of any English grammar mistakes. Being aware of a few fundamentals is one of the best ways to manifest an assignment with ultimate grace and precision.

A list of English Mistakes Commonly made in dissertations

If you too have been a victim of making the same mistakes over and over again, worry not! Here are a few of the common English mistakes made while writing a dissertation.

Spelling mistakes

If you are pondering on the varied English Mistakes Commonly made in dissertation help, here is the most common one available in front of you. A large array of students is often confused about the right spellings and hence ends up delivering the wrong association of spellings. Although features such as spell-check help to catch a number of spelling mistakes one cannot completely rely on them.

A number of universities often are seen rejecting an assignment due to wrong spelling mistakes and hence students lost out on their potential grades that could have transformed their university results. The best way to secure your spelling is to let the professionals handle the task for you. There are a number of assignment solution providers who take up serious task from you to ensure you a relaxed time-out.


Another prominent mistake made by students is the use of jargon words. A number of such jargon words are present which are used even during our daily mode of communication. Hence, the words are used unintentionally, sometimes, even without the student realizing it. However, this is no excuse for students to use the words. The dissertation should be written in such a manner that each and everyone is able to understand it. However, if anybody is unable to understand the dissertation help Australia, it explains the need of eliminating them.

Wrong choice of words

Among several other mistakes, the choice of words is one such commonly made mistake by students. Wrong information and knowledge of word usage often lead to this mistake, however, in the dissertation, there is no room for students to perform this mistake. Some of the common examples can be cited as research that needs to be researched. On the other hand, further, needs to be furthermore. Again, the wrong usage of articles often proves to be a commonly made mistake. In order to avoid the English Mistakes Commonly made in dissertations, the students can connect with the professionals in business and make things easier for them.


Believe it or not, capitalization is one of the major issues faced by students since their school days. As the mistakes are not corrected, hence it leads to a bigger hindrance, especially during university life. At a higher university life, it is no more a joke when you need to pen down and fabricate a crucial paper such as a dissertation.

It is important to pay heed to a number of steps and usage of English terms and words are of them. Hence, it gets all the more pivotal for students to craft a dissertation free of the wrong capitalization. Capital letters need to be cited on the first letter of a sentence, while a small letter needs to be cited in between. Any kind of proper noun such as a place name and others needs to comprise capital letters.

An understanding of capitalization makes a world of difference while writing a dissertation. Hence, make sure you have professionals make things easy for you and correct English Mistakes Commonly made in dissertations.

Sentence fragments

It refers to a sentence that has its main meaning missing in the sentence. With the absence of the subject, it gets difficult for the readers to understand the primary idea. In addition to a subject, if a sentence also misses out on its verb, it is still considered to be a wrongly imposed sentence. The primary action that needs to be taken is to add a verb or a subject to the fragment as and when required.


This is again another extremely prevalent English Mistakes Commonly made in dissertations where students end up using more words than necessary. A sentence is referred to as being wordy when it makes use of unnecessary words to convey a particular meaning. This often gives rise to identifying a sentence in the wrong light due to being an unclear source of information.


A previously made mistake when not corrected leads to a greater one. This stands true for mistakes made to the wrong usage of punctuation. While writing a dissertation, it is crucial to use punctuation in a proper manner and in a manner justified. For example, while writing an academic paper, students need to make use of commas, apostrophes, full stops, quotes, and other punctuation marks appropriately as it seems to be used. A comma needs to be used to connect two specific clauses which can be recognized as distinctive sentences.

For example, the genre of music emerged invariably in the 1960s. Make sure you do not use any apostrophe before or after the ‘s’.

Usage of the same phrase on repetition

The right usage of language often induces a similar level of comfort as a pianist feels with his instrument. Students need to use a number of phrases and words to express a topic well, with much fervor and passion. However, usage of the same phrase over and over again often leads to an overuse of the expression.

As a result, the dissertation becomes extremely monotonous and readers lose interest while reading. Content being too repetitive makes it a boring assignment, something that loses its flavor soon. In order to correct the English Mistakes Commonly made in dissertations, you can easily get in touch with the experts at the earliest. The professionals have a thorough understanding of the right usage of phrases and words that make the entire content an interesting read.

Incorrect pluralisation

This usually takes place with words which do not witness any changes, irrespective of being singular or plural. The word equipment can be conveyed as more than one. A number of non-native speakers write the word ‘equipment’, however, it is a lot acceptable to write the term ‘piece of equipment. This stands true even for research that is regarded as a singular or plural word. This in-depth understanding of the right sense of pluralization can be availed from a team of expert professionals.

Unorganized paragraph construction

As students are not professional writers, hence it gets difficult for them to organize a paragraph well and cite proper construction. An unorganized construction of paragraphs is one of the common mistakes made. However, the professional assignment guidance offered by the experts in business offers dissertation writing service guidance and helps with the correct placement. They will not only work to prevent mistakes but also guide you to repeat them. This service is highly beneficial for helping you with the dissertation process to help you ace the assignments better.

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