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Endnotes vs Footnotes Referencing

Endnotes vs Footnotes Referencing
cal LiveWebTutors cal 07 Nov, 2019

Planning to write an assignment?

Have any idea what footnotes and endnotes are?

In this blog, we will discuss many ways of making your assignment an attractive and creative one.

Assignments are an important part of a students' academic life. They get assignments on all the subjects. They carry a lot of marks with them. Thus, it is very important to make the assignments in such a way that the readers find it very interesting to read.

You make your assignment attractive by incorporating the following:

  • Robust content: Your content must be very good. It must contain all the information about your topic. However, try to ignore any information which is irrelevant for the users. Divide your content under many sub-headings. This will give a chance for a better understanding of your reader.
  • Proper Format: The entire assignment must be properly formatted. Try to keep a standard font and font size for your content. Keep it very simple. The size of the words must be such that the user is easily able to read it.

However, it may so happen that the readers are unable to understand your content completely.

What should you do?

You cannot go and explain your content to every reader. To help your readers understand the content properly, you can add footnotes and endnotes to your assignment.

What is a footnote?

A footnote is a piece of reference to your topic mentioned at the bottom of your page. While inserting a footnote, keep in mind to provide a reference to the original text in your content. This will help the readers in a better understanding of your content.

The main concept behind inserting the footnotes is to give a reference to the source of your information in the content.

Footnotes can be of two types:

  • Content: These are a simple brief statement that contains additional information upon the subject. These are not written in a detailed format.
  • Copyright Permitted: These are the original quotes or statements mentioned in your essay which require prior permission from its original author.

Pay attention while giving a format to your footnotes. The font size of the footnotes must be smaller in comparison to the other content in your assignment. However, it must not be so small that the reader faces a problem in reading it.

You can also mention the footnotes at the end of your sentence. Keep in mind to keep a fair distance of about two spaces before starting to write the next sentence. You can also mention the footnotes in the middle of a statement. However, while doing it, try to separate both the sentences using an appropriate punctuation mark.

But it is widely suggested not to include the footnotes between your statements or at the end of a statement. You should try to put them at the end of a page. This will make your content look more presentable.

There are disadvantages too associated with your footnotes:

  • They clutter at the end of your page and thus disrupt the entire format of your page.
  • There is a huge problem in adding the footnotes in the tables and charts mentioned in your assignment.
  • Footnotes contain the most important information. They generally dominate the information in your content. This can suppress the importance of your other content in your assignment.

What is an endnote?

Endnotes are similar to footnotes. The only difference between the two is that endnotes are present at the end of a page. Endnotes are longer than footnotes.

Endnotes are mentioned to help the reader in:

  • Getting information about the source of information, or any quotation or any summary in your assignment.
  • Giving an explanation for any context in your assignment.

There are many advantages associated with adding endnotes in your assignment:

  • They do not courier your content as they are not included between them. They are present only at the end of your assignment.
  • They allow the readers to go through the entire notes and additional explanations in one go.

Along with it, there are many disadvantages in adding endnotes to your content:

  • It irritates the readers very much. A reader of your assignment has to go to the end of your assignment each time they face any issue in understanding it.
  • While referring to any content of endnote, the readers have to remember chapter no. or page no. in which the content is being mentioned.
  • Endnotes often discourage a reader from going through them. They disrupt the entire flow of their reading.

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