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Effective Management in order to meet academic deadlines

Effective Management in order to meet academic deadlines
cal LiveWebTutors cal 15 Jan, 2020

It is very important and imperative to learn to manage one’s time in order to meet one’s academic deadlines. Following are some guidelines that you can follow to manage your time efficiently which will help you to meet academic guidelines.

Guidelines to managing your time effectively

  1. Prioritizing your work: Identify the assignments that are most important and start working on them first. Adopt a flexible approach and try not to stress overtly. Learn to adapt to every new situation, be positive and always stay focused and engaged in all that you do.
  2. Ensure that you have access to the requisite resources that you will need to complete your work on time: It is important that you have access to all the sources of information required to complete academic assignments. This includes the library of your school or college, the internet, classroom notes from professors, any equipment, materials etc.
  3. Being realistic about one’s abilities and shortcomings and setting goals accordingly: You should always set realistic goals, keeping in mind your abilities, your strengths and weaknesses. Unnecessary setting high goals which you will not be able to achieve will only leave you feeling stressed, frustrated and disappointed and impede you to complete your remaining work. Hence it is advisable to set realistic goals that you will be able to achieve. This will give you the much required motivation to move ahead and complete your remaining tasks with confidence and will also help to put your mind at ease. It is advisable to have SMART Goals. SMART goals here stands for goals that are specific, can be measurable, are attainable, realistic as well being time-based. Do not underestimate the amount of time you will take to finish a task. Keep aside adequate time for each of your assignment help so that you can do justice to each of our assignments without compromising on their quality. Devote yourself to completing each of your assignments in a timely manner. Refrain from comparing yourself to other students and work at your own routine and pace. You could try pasting motivational quotes around your workplace or your area of study which will give you the much needed motivation and help you stay optimistic and positive. Do whatever it takes for you to stay focused and motivated.
  4. Creating a Schedule: A schedule is important if you want to meet your deadlines and complete your assignments on time. Hence it is advisable that you create a study schedule where you write down your study plan, note down your study hours for greater efficiency, and get adequate sleep and nutritious food to help your brain and body function properly which will help you to remain productive and perform to the best of your capacity, setting due dates and lists of things that you need to do and jotting down the time you feel you will take to complete each task. Abide by your plans, do not procrastinate and try not to get diverted.                      
  5. Taking short breaks: Taking short breaks between studying can actually recharge the brain and improve productivity. When you are taking a short break, leave your work or study area and do something that relaxes you and is enjoyable to you. Avoid working for more than one hour at a time and after working for an hour take a break for ten minutes which will refresh and recharge you. You could listen to music, do yoga, meditate or any other thing that you enjoy and which will help you to focus. Taking short breaks will help you to stay productive. Stay calm and relaxed while completing your assignments in order to prevent yourself rushing through your assignments thereby hampering the quality of your work. Stick to the study schedule that you have created in order to obtain excellent results.
  6. Learning to manage oneself: Learn to be positive, avoid multitasking as it is not effective and instead concentrate all your effort into doing one particular task, put your plans to action, avoid procrastination, make a habit of meeting deadlines and stay focused on completing your assignments on time within the deadline given to you.
  7. Avoid distractions: It is integral to switch off your phones or put them on silent mode while studying so as not be distracted by them. It is also advisable to log out from all social media accounts and refrain from texting your friends while studying.
  8. Tracking your progress which will give you the much needed motivation to move ahead: It is advisable to measure one’s performance to keep a track of one’s progress and plan ahead. Tracking your progress will give you the much required motivation and help you to move ahead confidently and put your mind at ease.
  9. Turning to family and friends for help: Turn to your family and friends in case of any assistance and guidance. Having somebody by your side always will provide you the much needed support. If they choose to monitor your work and progress, then it is an added benefit as it will keep you motivated. Asking for feedback from your parents, your teachers and professors would also be very beneficial as external opinion is rewarding and constructive criticism always helps a person to grow.

Thus to conclude, it can be said that it is vital to stay organized, create a study schedule, prioritize the work that you are required to do, set goals that are specific, can be measurable, are attainable, realistic as well being time-based, take regular short breaks between your study hours, track and measure your progress, and turn to your family, teachers and professors and close friends for their honest and genuine feedback. Your frame of mind and attitude plays a big part in helping you achieving your goals. Be positive and optimistic, use your time effectively and avoid being overwhelmed by your study load or work pressure. Stay focused and work steadily and you will be able to complete your work within the prescribed time.

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