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Easy & Effective Essay Writing Guide: For Scholars Who Hate Writing Essays

Easy & Effective Essay Writing Guide: For Scholars Who Hate Writing Essays
cal LiveWebTutors cal 11 Nov, 2019

Hate writing essays?

Well, we have a unique idea of helping you with writing ease and effective essays.

Writing an essay is very tricky. It is not just a piece of information upon a given topic. Rather it is a summarized, well-formatted content upon your topic.

Before beginning with the writing of any essay, let us answer a few of the most commonly asked questions by students:

How long must be an essay?

Well, the length of the essay does matter. No one wants to read an essay if it is too long. However, do not exclude any of the important points just to reduce the length of your essay. Divide your essay into several topics. Keep the contents of each topic as simple and short as possible.

How to choose a topic for an essay?

Well, the topic of your essay must be such that the readers get an enthusiast in reading it. Keep in mind, to write upon those topics on which you have prior knowledge. Do not just write to impress the readers.

Is formatting important?

Of course, the formatting of an essay is very important. The format must be designed in such a way that your essay becomes very attractive and creative. Keep the format as simple as possible. It is would much better if you choose fonts that are accepted as the standard for writing academic fonts.

How to make the content of an essay attractive?

The content of an essay becomes attractive only when it contains all the information upon a given topic. Don’t just write the contents in huge paragraphs. This will make your essay an unattractive one. You should always divide your content into several topics. However, keep in mind to ignore the information irrelevant to the reader.

You can write a very attractive and creative essay by learning the required skills in writing up an essay.

To get an easy and effective writing guide for your essay, you need to follow the under mentioned:

Understand the topic:

Before writing an essay, try to understand the topic on which you are willing to write it. This will help you in getting a much better grip over the topic. You can also write the topic in your own words if you are completely able to understand the topic. You can also consult your teachers or faculties if you face any problem in understanding your essay.

Pre-Draft your essay:

It is always advisable to pre-draft your essay before writing up a final one. This will help you in marking the mistakes you have made in your essay. Make a note of all the mistakes made by you. Practice on them so that you do not repeat it. You can also submit your work to an expert for having their advice on improvements to your essay.

Read other essays:

Reading other essays can help you a lot in drafting your essay. Observe how those essays have presented the topics. You can also learn how to give appropriate formatting to your essay. Thus, reading other essays can help you out in enhancing your writing skills. You can all of these in writing your essay.

Formatting your essay:

Giving an appropriate format to your essay can help you in making your essay much more presentable. However, it is very important not to give a funky format to your essay. Apply a “Times New Roman” or “Times” format to the content of your essay as these are accepted as the standard for writing academic content. Keep the font size till 12. Draft a very attractive cover page for your entire essay.

Concentrate on your sentence structure:

Many times, it has been noticed that students make several mistakes while structuring the sentence of their essays. No matter how good your content is, your readers won’t be attracted if you have several grammatical or punctuation or spelling mistakes. Thus, it is very important to rectify all these errors in your assignment.

Proofread your essay:

The most important step after writing up an essay is to proofread the contents of your essay. Proofreading means going through the entire content again after you have written it. You can thus ensure that your essay if free from any error. The readers are generally interested in reading the essays which are perfect from all the senses.

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