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Difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’: Clarify all your doubts

Difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’: Clarify all your doubts
cal LiveWebTutors cal 14 Nov, 2018

The English language can be confusing sometimes. There are words that are difficult to pronounce, others that are almost impossible to spell without using a dictionary and sometimes you get even get two words that are very similar making it hard to remember which word to use when. Two words that are very similar but which have different meanings are known as homonyms. Affect and effect is two of these words it can be tricky to know when to use the right one. Everyone must have faced this situation where there are forced to think twice if they need to use effect or affect. These two words sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. In order to know when to use the right word, you have to know the exact meaning of each word so you can apply the correct one when speaking or writing English.

The word effect has a few meanings; it will always have a negative impact on the situation or anyone.

Below are a few examples-

  • the rain affected the tennis match
  • to move someone emotionally
  • to attack or infect as a disease e.g.

The word 'effect' has the following meanings, it means the result of something, and the result can be negative or positive.

  • a result; a change brought about as a result of something or somebody else
  • being in force or operation

The word affect is normally a verb. A verb is an action word. The word effect is normally a noun. A noun is a naming word. Now, unfortunately, there are exceptions to the rule, however, if you remember that effect is used when a verb is needed and effect for when a noun is to be used you will be right most of the time.

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