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A Complete Blueprint on Writing an Impactful Essay on Depression

A Complete Blueprint on Writing an Impactful Essay on Depression
cal LiveWebTutors cal 17 Dec, 2019

We often come across the word ‘depression’ on a daily basis. We even hear our friends and acquaintances share their or someone else’s stories of struggle with depression. Depression is one such condition when the body does not necessarily show any overbearing symptoms or signs but is severe enough to even prove fatal. Depression cannot be restricted to any set parameters and that is what makes it even more dangerous.

Depression, in loose terms, may be defined as a condition where a person is negatively affected and feel disappointed sadly most of the time. Though it might appear to be normal signs of the transitory phase depression inflicts severe repercussions on people struggling with it. The severe effects and damage that depression wrecks on people have put some light on it. People have gradually accepted it as an illness and are more open to receiving the required treatment as well.

Many doctors, scientists, and clinical researchers are now focusing more and more on the factors that might trigger a person to develop depression. The serious complication and the number of people affected by this deadly disease have made it an important subject matter for discussion and research in many universities and educational institutions around the world.

Many students and researchers are now given ‘depression’ as a subject matter to write about either in the form of any dissertation, research paper, thesis, or long essay. This shows how serious this illness is and how important it for us is to acknowledge it as a disease and seek the required treatment.

Empathy and Compassion are the Keys to Writing an Impactful Essay on Depression

Anything to be impactful has to have an essence of emotions in it. Whenever one is assigned to write on topics like depression, it is crucial to have more empathy and compassion than having resources. An empathetic approach brings out the sensitivity and cares that the topic needs to be handled with.

Before beginning to write anything, first, read extensively about depression. Take notes. Gather as much awareness and input as you could. Read numerous articles already written about depression and people who have survived it.

When done with the primary or first stage of research, look out for credible and informative facts and data about this disease. Other important dimensions that make any topic impactful are the anecdotes or stories that it shares. Conduct first-hand interviews with people who are dealing with depression currently, people who have survived it, or the family members of a person who struggles with depression. All these primary inputs will give you more idea about what it feels like to be struggling with such a deadly illness. Include all the relevant sections of such interviews in your essay either in raw form or as an anecdote or story.

Give personal accounts of people in your essay. It will make it more credible and strong. Be reflective of the supportive attitude in your essay. Include inspiring stories of people. Be natural and simple.

What all must be included in the Essay?

Once you have gathered all the required information, data, facts, and other things crucial for the essay, the only thing that remains is to write about it. Give a head-strong introduction to your essay. You can even begin with any anecdote or personal account of a person struggling with depression. You must also include some good quotations on depression, like:

“A big part of depression is feeling really lonely, even if you're in a room full of a million people.”

“I found that with depression, one of the most important things you could realize is that you're not alone.”

After introducing the topic, start right away with the main contents of the essay. The essay must start by giving a detailed description of what depression is. Include and elaborate on points like factors that affect the mental being of a person, for instance, they could be biological factors, social factors, or psychological factors.

Talk about the hardships, struggles, and exclusion that a person suffering from depression might feel. Include the importance of support and care that help a person fight depression. Talk about how crucial it is to have one’s family’s support throughout.

Give personal accounts of patients and their families. Include their experiences and difficulties in dealing with depression, their suggestions, and feelings that they might want to share with other people dealing with this gruesome disease.

Also, include various studies and data to suggest how serious this menace is. Talk about people’s journey from resistance to acknowledgment and treatment. Mention how important it is to seek help. Try and include the important role a timely diagnosis and correct course of treatment play.

Include some suggestions and important tips that a doctor might have to say regarding the struggle with depression. Conclude your essay by including some facts and using graphs or data from world health bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO). Use suggestive measures and try to communicate the importance of dealing with depression in an early stage. Conclude by including positive points stating that depression is completely curable. Include some motivational quotes and end on a positive note.

Common Errors to Avoid:

The most common mistake that one might commit while dealing with a sensitive issue like depression is the fact that the writers sometimes take a resistant stance. Thus it becomes crucial to first acknowledge the existence of such a disease. Also, try to be as sensitive and compassionate as possible. It gives your essay an emotional appeal. Use simple language. Do not go for any flashy vocabulary. It may make your essay superficial.  Also, do not bombard the reader with exhaustive facts and figures. Use simple charts and graphs to add value to your points. Keep it original. Do not try to imitate somebody else’s work.

Seeking external help

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