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How to do a College Group Project Effectively

How to do a College Group Project Effectively
LiveWebTutors 16 Jun, 2017

College projects are very important from academic as well as behavioral point of view. A well-defined group project assignment increases the learning experience, allows an individual to develop strong group socialization, and brush up communication and leadership skills. A project executed with proper coordination among the team workers stands out and offers a learning opportunity for the entire class if the output is of good quality. Taking a systematic approach, working on a college group project can be pleasurable. The same assignment may, however, could become a burden and things may in chaos if you do not plan everything systematically. If the responsibility of successful completion of the group project is on you, you must know the basics of being a leader and be aware of all the points for a good project development. You could try some of the following tips to become a good project leader:

  1. Choose your team members smartly

The first step to work upon a group project is to select your group members. Choose your team members wisely. You should know their expertise, their level of perseverance to complete the work and whether they can work as a team. Before you start delegating responsibilities to them, know what responsibilities they can execute responsibly.

  1. Assign responsibilities to your group members

As soon as you have the topic and the outline of your project ready, divide the tasks and assign to each group member his responsibility of work. As you are well aware of each group member’s forte, you know which task can be done appropriately by which member.

  1. Do not procrastinate your work unnecessarily

You may never know what may crop up at the last moment. So keep time in hand. Though it may not seem correct, the deadline that you share with your team members should be 1-2 prior to the actual deadline to avoid the last minute chaos. If any group member falls sick or, if any member walks out of the group project, you will have the time to complete your project within the timeline.

  1. Set well-defined goals

As you assign a responsibility to the different team members, insist on the completion of the goals within a certain timeframe. The same applies to you too, as the team leader. Using Shared Drive, you can monitor the overall progress of the work. You can discuss with those who are lagging behind. Seeing how their peers are faring, they may feel inspired to try harder and put in more effort and greater sincerity.

  1. Plan your meetings

Before your project is ready for submission, if you will feel the need to organize a meeting at least once arrange it in such a way that all your team members are physically present. Tough though it may seem to get all members agree to one time for a meeting, ensure that each of your team members agrees to manage to be present at the time and place of the scheduled meeting.

  1. Use electronic communication for a better coordination

In the present time, communication has become much easier. Don’t make a communication gap with your team or a lack of communication a reason for the failure of the project. Every bit of communication is possible via email or a chat service. Use SMS, Skype, or other such communication apps to communicate within the group so that everyone is aware of each other’s work progress and no one can shun from the responsibilities that they have been entrusted.   We, Livewebtutors, are a team of professional writers who provide assignment writing help services to students. We are one of the best help service companies whose success is based on teamwork. Through our experience we can say that a leader is no less than any other team member when it comes to taking responsibility. But for successful completion of work, support and help from team members are equally important. Without a team, the team leader cannot move even a single step. So, every member makes a team as well as the team leader. For assistance in assignment writing services, you can take our online help. Include us as your team member, and get the help from our experts. Together we can make the group project successful. Livewebtutors is always ready to help you.

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