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Christmas Offer on Assignment Writing Services- Avail discounts up to 30%

Christmas Offer on Assignment Writing Services- Avail discounts up to 30%
cal LiveWebTutors cal 22 Dec, 2019

Relax & Enjoy your Holiday by availing our exciting Christmas Offer

Hi guys! Finally, Christmas is here and it's time for enjoying a relaxing holiday with family and friends. The festival of joy is here to bring smiles on our faces. Time for some shopping, sending & receiving gifts and partying. Yippy!

But wait, what? You can't taste the sweetness of Christmas? Why? Is it due to the darkness of pending assignments and deadlines which you have just received? Don't worry as LiveWebTutors is here to pull you out of this darkness. Let's see how?

Don’t get scared of those deadlines anymore!

Why are you scared? There is nothing to be afraid of. You can relax and enjoy your Christmas holiday, while we take the burden for you. Our assignment help soldiers have been guarding students from a long time now and during holidays, they become more active.

The best part is that we have come up with an exciting Christmas offer which will surely bring a smile on your face. Now you can avail discounts of up to 30%  on your order and get cash backs as well. There are various other offers too which we have newly launched on our website. We will be discussing about that later in this blog post. 

Let's battle out this darkness together. Why are you feeling low? Your "CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY" will not just pass away in making assignments. We have got our team ready. Order as many assignments you want and with any deadline, because we are also prepared to deal with an order of short deadline.  

Success Stories to cheer you up

Here are some amazing stories which will cheer up your mood. We are sharing some of the feedbacks from our old clients who faced the same issues during holidays. But with our help, they were able to revive their fun. We wish that these stories help you from not getting distracted and you can enjoy your CHRISTMAS. Here we go.

Story 1- Saved the dying fun in my life!

Dia Chopra- Management student-Australia

"It was almost a day left for Christmas and I was all set to plan a party at my place. That evening, when I was leaving for home, I got a mail from my professor that I have to submit an essay on Planning and Budgeting before Christmas. I was shocked and all the excitement for Christmas vanished. I already had an essay pending and now I had to write another one. The requirements for those essays were huge. It was impossible for me to write 2 long essays in a day and also prepare for the Christmas party.

Things were getting on my nerves when one of my seniors suggested me to take Online Essay Writing  Help. I had no option left in hand, so while I was searching online, I landed upon LiveWebTutors.com. They seemed promising and I placed both my orders. To my surprise, I got my order ready within a day before Christmas eve. Due to their help, I was able to concentrate on my part plans and successfully hosted a fun party.

After Christmas, another surprise was waiting for me. My essays scored well and my professors were impressed by my dedication towards work and the quality which I presented. This shows how efficient the writers are at LiveWebTutors. Since then, I have been ordering from them. Whenever I feel entangled in the pool of pending assignments, they are my first choice. They saved the dying fun in my life."

Story 2- Rocked the Christmas Party!

Ron- Engineering student-Australia

"Thinking about that time gives me Goosebumps. I used to dream about assignments all the time as it was almost time for Christmas and I had pending assignments in hand. I am an average student and love to hang out with friends, chill and enjoy partying. But, that day, when I read the notice which was forwarded to all the students, I was shocked. The deadline was changed and we had to submit our assignments before Christmas. We talked to our professor but he was going on a long Christmas leave, so he had to collect assignments before that.  Earlier things were different, and we had a few days extra in hand, but now the timeframe was decreased.

Students who were already preparing those assignments were not affected much, but students like me were in the red zone. Everyone got busy with their assignments and no one was left to help me with mine. I literarily started having nightmares. Then one day I thought to try paid assignment writing help services online. These services were doubtful at first until I tried them myself. I came across LiveWebTutors.com as their reviews were really good. I ordered four assignments and also got a 20% discount as it was my first order and in bulk.

I received my orders within the deadline. The problem was sorted and now I was all set to enjoy my Christmas eve. That night I rocked the party. There were some doubts regarding my grades, but I was happy that I was at least able to submit my assignments within the deadline.  After the Christmas holiday was over, the list of our grades was on. I was shocked and happy at the same time to see that my assignments ranked well. I appreciate the dedication and work quality of the writers at LiveWebTutors. Thank you for making my holiday into a memorable one."

Our Ongoing Christmas Offers

Offer 1- Free Of Cost!

If you book 5 assignments in 7 days, then you will get the 6th assignment free of cost.

Offer2- 50% Discount!

If you book 3 assignments on the same day, then you can avail 50% discount on the 4th one.

Offer 3- 6th One Free!

On booking 5 copies of same the assignment, you can avail the 6th one free of cost.

Offer 4- 25% Off!

Instantly book 2 assignments and get 25% off on the 3rd one.

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