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How to choose the best words for Essay

How to choose the best words for Essay
cal LiveWebTutors cal 22 Jun, 2017

Consider writing a document as the construction of a building. Writers use words to build successful documents, just as a mason uses bricks to build sturdy homes. Using harsh, reliable materials helps build a solid house (or even a skyscraper!). Each part is important, from the foundation to the roof and every floor in between. Writers have to be that sound in the use of vocabulary.

The Importance of Words

Experienced writers know that cautious word selection and usage can lead to more polished and meaningful work. The use of strong, meaningful words in every sentence is important. You are not required to meet your professor’s or reader’s heart away with verbose statements in your essay. You got to impress your professor with the precision of the words you write. That implies you are putting extra thought and effort into your essay. You will have to analyze your paper minutely to check whether all the words that have been used come from the list of the choicest terms and are suitable to the context or the topic of the essay. Now that is not an easy task. Having a solid vocabulary will help you in writing, but learning new words and avoiding common word errors will make a real impression on your readers.

Whether we are giving a speech or writing something, words are the tools that help us communicate and convey our ideas to our audience without hurting their sentiments. That is what holds great importance in your essay. You have to drive your point in the most acceptable way possible to show how much knowledge you have in your subject and how convincing your arguments are on the given topic. Pick those words that can drive your point without changing the context, or offending your readers, or confusing them. The selection of appropriate words is the only way that can help you in good essay writing. You need practice, patience, and pay attention to minute detail for better essay writing.

Important Points for Better Essay Writing

Here are some points that we want to share to help you write good essays.

Do not use Vague and Unclear Words:

When you want to explain things to yourself, you use different words, which may not always be the same or even appropriate for the understanding of others. To make perfect sense to your readers, you have to read the text and write it. Check if there is no clash of ideas or inappropriate use of words. Let us illustrate with the help of a simple example. For example:

“The three friends enjoyed the day at the zoo.”

The sentence cannot be written as, “The day was enjoyed by the three friends at the zoo.”

“Dr. Pasteur published a book on microorganisms” can be expressed in a better way as “A book on microorganisms was published by Dr Pasteur.”

You will find the importance of using suitable verbs, voice, and even sentence construction is important to convey a clear meaning. Even if the thoughts are jumbled, you cannot have incorrect synonyms or substitute words in your sentence.

  1. His condition deteriorated after the new medication.
  2. His condition was dilapidated after the new medication.

The word ‘Deteriorated’ cannot be substituted by its synonym ‘dilapidated’. Hence, the second sentence is not right. You cannot replace every word or have an appropriate synonym for every word. Any synonym cannot always fit the meaning of your sentence. So you need to be very careful in the words you choose and take  if you are not confident at any point.

Avoid using slang or colloquial terms:

Using slang words such as can’t, won’t’, don’t, or phrases such as “couch potato, feeling blue, down to earth,” etc., should be avoided. Colloquial terms such as “fetch, reckon, yonder”, etc. should not be used in essays. These may be great for writing in blogs but not in academic writing. Slang words constitute informal language; they tend to steal away the credibility and gravity of your essay. The voice of the essay may sound insincere and callous.

Avoid repetition of words: 

Repetition is a common error in an essay. When you write one thought or describe one theme in a write-up of 500 words, you are likely to make this mistake. But you cannot score better if you don’t avoid repetition. Repetition of words or phrases makes your essay boring, and readers may lose interest. This is more common in the case of conjunctions and prepositions. You need to pay attention to which particular word is frequently reappearing; try to use another word in its place. Instead of using ‘therefore’ in every paragraph, use ‘hence’ or ‘thus’.

Steer clear from redundant words:

Avoid using redundant terms. Unlike repetition, redundancy is about using unnecessary words in your sentence. You may not need them to buy unconsciously, you use them to make your sentence sound well, but the opposite happens. For example;

    • “It is vitally important that you follow a regular fitness session.”
    • “I have committed an error by mistake.”
    • “This is really amazing.”

Removing the words ‘vitally’, ‘by mistake’, and ‘really’ can still confer perfect sense to the sentences. You can eliminate redundancy in your writing and make your sentences sound better.

Avoid beginning every paragraph with the Pronoun ‘I’: 

Adding a personal touch to your essay is good as you can raise your opinions on the given topic, but you cannot keep on writing ‘I’ over and over again. Frequent use of ‘I’ will make your sentences unsophisticated and crude. To refer to self, use words like ‘me’, ‘my’ etc., to keep it clean and self-centric.

Keep it Precise:

Use of technical jargon and big words, howsoever attractive they sound, should be kept at a minimum. You cannot impress your reader by using jargon unnecessarily. When reading your essay, your audience doesn’t want to carry a dictionary to understand every second word. Do not make the essay very verbose. It may sound very haughty. Keep it simple so that you can reach your audience easily.

Use suitable paragraph transitions to move through the text:

Transitions are intrinsic to the development of your essay and help in providing a flow and coherence to your write-up. They make your trail of thought apparent and maintain continuity in your article. Phrases like ‘on the contrary’, ‘on the other hand’, and ‘also’, ‘however’, and ‘but’ are very effective in giving appropriate transition to the text.

 Some More Points to be Given Importance

  • Avoid using unfamiliar words. Find the meaning of the words in the dictionary before you use them.
  • If you cannot understand which word to choose, put in all the alternatives using a slash (/)in your sentence and choose one that makes better sense.
  • Don’t try to use any synonym to substitute a word if it is not appropriate as per the context of your sentence.
  • Do a proper quality check for your essay and remove the repeated words; use their alternatives but be cautious not to replace thematic terms.
  • Use apps and tools such as Grammarly and Hemmingway Editor to proofread your copy and get relevant word suggestions in case any error is detected in your writing.
  • Take help from your friends or family to get your essay proofread and include the suggestions you obtain from them.

Finally, don’t treat your essay as boring work that will reflect in your writing. Do not be too nervous either, and put in your best in your write-up. It may seem very overwhelming to you in the beginning. If so, you can take our help to write a good essay. If finding perfect words is troublesome, Livewebtutors is here to help you. You may be having a limited vocabulary, and you cannot increase it overnight, especially if the deadline for submission of your essay is the next day. Our team of professionals is expert writers who are competent in writing good essays within the specified timeline. The quality of the work they produce is unparalleled. Our customer care services are available 24X7. If you have any queries, you can get in touch with us. Livewebtutors offers perfect solutions for   at an affordable price. You will not be disappointed to have our services at your disposal. Let’s work together and help yourself learn the aspects of essay writing.


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