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Checklist to Write a Research Paper Conclusion

Checklist to Write a Research Paper Conclusion
cal LiveWebTutors cal 02 Dec, 2019

A research paper is a detailed analysis and observation of the writer on a given topic. It is written by students during their post-graduation. 

Its content is divided into the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Research methodology
  • Observation and findings
  • Conclusion

Out of all the above topics, the conclusion is the most important one. It is the last paragraph of your report. It is a summary of all the important points mentioned in your report. It is written to remind the reader the most important arguments on your topic. Its content must be supported by adequate evidence.

Generally, the conclusion is written in a single paragraph. No new ideas must be included. It should state the intention and importance of writing upon the topic.

Writing a conclusion can be a little bit scary. Every topic in a research paper has its own content. A conclusion is a summary of all these. Therefore, it is very important to write it in a proper way.

Here is a checklist for you to follow to write the conclusion of your report:

  • Is the information in the paper accurately restated?

The entire information of your paper is to be restated in the conclusion in a summarized form. It is important to ensure that all the important points are included in it accurately.

The conclusion must be able to remind your readers about the arguments on your topic. It must be adequately supported by the best solution proposed by you. 

  • Are all the important points included?

The main purpose of writing a conclusion is to summarize all the important points of your topic. You must ensure that none of it has been skipped.

  • Does it remind the importance of the topic?

The readers must understand the importance of your topic. Ensure that the reason behind choosing the topic is mentioned in your conclusion.

  • Is your content adequate?

The main aim behind writing a research paper is to convey your observations towards it. Therefore, the research conducted must be adequate. There must be no confusion left in the mind of your readers. 

You must ensure that your reader have a complete idea upon the topic of your paper. 

  • Does it have new information?

The conclusion is a review of all the points discussed in your paper. No new information must be present in it.

Your readers have already gone through your entire content. Any new information will simply confuse them. Though, you can suggest a further research, if necessary.

  • Does it invoke a call to action?

Every research paper has its limitations based on the topic. Generally, it includes complete information on it. There may be situations that necessitate further research.

You can suggest your readers for undergoing it. For this, you are required to invoke a call to action.

  • Is there logic in your content?

It may so happen that a few points in your content are contradictory. Some of the questions in your report may remain unanswered.

You must state a single clear opinion on the encountered issues in your content. If the research is adequate, you will be able to give a complete solution. Or else, you should suggest further research.

  • Is your conclusion written in clear and simple language?

The entire content of your conclusion must be clear. It must be written in a simple language.  

The statements in your content must not be ambiguous. The reader must be able to understand it easily.

  • Are all the points properly explained?

Each point in your report must be properly explained. The readers must not feel that the information is inadequate.

There may be a few points in your report having inadequate explanations. Make sure that each of them is properly explained in your conclusion.

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