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It involves summarizing in which the tone, proportions, and meaning of the original text are maintained.  Its highlights the comprehension of paragraphs in a concise and creative manner. The length of precis writing can vary between 100 to 200 words. Which you need to include all important facts and points related to the study.

In order to write precisely, you have to read paragraphs or comprehension thoroughly. Highlight important facts, pieces of evidence, and points mentioned by the author. With the help of all the information creatively summarise the paragraph.

Reading helps you to understand the main message and theme of the passage. If you focus on the general idea of the passage, you get to know the will key points.

Be assured that precis writing has no fixed pattern and the right diction. To build an effective write-up, a particular procedure needs to be followed.

Let's Go Through Few Writing Rules

Steps for Precis Writing

  • Once you know the central theme of the passage. Try to summarise the idea and motive in the required manner.  This is possible only if you had done a careful reading.
  • The most essential part of any writing is word count. You should be able to utilize at least one-third of the total words from the passage. This can be done by checking the total number of words.
  • Before writing, read the passage until you do not understand the theme. It is essential to make sure that you have a clear image of the central idea.
  • Noting down all the relevant and irrelevant points and highlighting them helps you to be in sync with the author’s perception.
  • Your heading needs to be wisely chosen as it will deliver a clear and concise message to the reader. Precis heading is the most critical part of writing.
  • Structuring is an essential part of precis writing so that readers understand the gist quickly. It is important to logically arrange your sentences and draft them accordingly.
  • Using names is allowed only if titles or designations are not provided. But you need to follow the same till the end.
  • Check for minimal error and grade out if any are already in a short manner.

Follow the below tips if you want to be an expert precis writer. Stay clear and concise:-

Always keep in mind that any message to be delivered should be straight to the point.  Due to the shortness, refrain from changing the meaning of the passage. Even differences in context need to be taken care of Demonstrate your intelligence.

Every single step should be able to reflect your perfection and excellence. Exhibit your writing skills by using appropriate words and creating positive impressions in the reader's mind.

Avoid the use of direct speech

Analyzing the point of view of the third person needs to be done effectively using indirect speech. While presenting another person's opinion, always avoid using direct speech in your summary.

Add facts and statistics

To increase the quality add numbers and facts, as it maintains the credibility of writing.  It also helps in gaining the reader's attention and interest in your write-up.

Analyze various sections

The importance of the respective parts can be successfully evaluated by analyzing all the sections. Focus on those areas having a high proportional value in your passage. This is possible only if you have read it thoroughly.

Proper interpretation

Conclude the passage with your understanding by giving it a meaningful point of view. Refrain from commenting on the author's perspective.

All these tips will help you in effortless writing and gaining better scores on your assignment help. If you are stuck while writing and need any further help, kindly visit our website at Live web tutors.

Once you are aware of your writing skills, now it's time to focus on the format by which you can easily complete your assignment.

Dos of Precis Writing

To make the reader understand the essence of your precis, start it with the central idea of the passage.

You should be aware of readers' expectations of writing. While writing a precis, create a suitable environment to describe all points equally.

Once the central idea is established, you can follow a few methods, facts, and points. Make sure that the length of your precis is well-drafted with appropriate data, keywords, and the concept.

  • Grading out irrelevant information and adding relevant ones is more essential in precis writing.
  • Maintain the core idea of the passage by identifying any superfluous information.
  • Make sure that any historical facts or data need to be mentioned in the past tense only.
  • The purpose of writing precis needs to be clear and accurate to understand its meaning.

Don’ts of Precis Writing

  • Even though you had well understood the precis well never form your own opinions.
  • Never use your own remarks and criticism to explain the topic.
  • In the precis writing instead of using a question insert it in the form of a statement.
  • Avoid using contractions and abbreviations. Write the full form of any given word only.
  • Always use the fact and data that is given in the paragraph.
  • Avoid being jerky, which proves that you have not understood the passage thoroughly.
  • When all of these above points are understood and used in a precis, a good precis is bound to be written.

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