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Is Career change possible? Here are some examples.

Is Career change possible? Here are some examples.
cal LiveWebTutors cal 03 Jul, 2017

Change in career is a big question for someone who is already having a good job. But people go for changes when they are not satisfied with their jobs, the place of work, their colleagues, or the nature of work they are doing. They may change their job to a new one, that which may not be the same as before nor match their field of study. But switching their career gives them satisfaction doing that job. If you are not happy taking up a career, venturing into the unknown is a big risk. All you need to do is to stand along with your decision against all odds. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. It is never too late to start off afresh. You are never too old to change. We bring some examples of famous personalities who rose to fame from ordinary by bringing an extraordinary change in their work lives.

  • Allen Ginsberg: The American beat poet Allen Ginsberg is known for his "Howl." Assignment help But before he shot to fame through his poetic flair, Ginsberg worked as a dishwasher. He worked as a spot welder, night porter, cargo ship worker, and various odd jobs. Unbeatable was his belief in himself that he could break away from his regular work and take to writing poems.
  • Ellen DeGeneres: As a paralegal and “oyster shucker”, DeGeneres was not happy before she decided that she was not meant for that work. She stepped ahead to become a comedian and became famous as the’ funniest person in America’. Wasn’t that what she wanted? But she realized it later and followed her heart.
  • Julia Child: Before taking up cooking, Child used to work for the US government as a spy. At the age of 36, she discovered her hidden talent, followed her instincts, and took lessons at cooking school. Eventually, she turned into a chef of fame. Outstanding guts to venture into a totally different career!
  • Walt Disney: Disney was employed as a newspaper editor, but he had a deep interest in the world of animation. When he lost his job for lacking good imagination, he mustered the courage to give his own imagination a good form and bring it to the world. That turned out to be what is now known as The Walt Disney Company, which rules the animation world.
  • Andrea Bocelli: A lawyer by profession, after graduating in law from the University of Pisa, Bocelli worked as a defense attorney until the age of 34. He quit his plain black-robed job to become a full-time singer. Amazing, isn’t it? A lawyer who raised his voice not to give arguments but to sing. He became an Italian classical tenor, recording artist, and singer-songwriter. He was rocking indeed!
  • Colonel Sanders: Sanders’ story is well known among the youngsters, as is his fried chicken. Yes, this old man worked a variety of different jobs and failed in them many times before finally launching the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises at the age of 65. So there is no age limit to starting over. At 65, he cooked chicken and sold them door to door, which grew up into food chains and outlets and is popular all over the world today.
  • Harrison Ford: Ford started working as a carpenter before he was absorbed into the film industry. He acted in American Graffiti but was not much paid for his work. He resumed his older profession but was asked to play the role of Han Solo, which gave a boost to his career as an actor and producer. Try and try again before you can successfully chase and catch your dream. That's what his story tells us.
  • Sylvester Stallone: A deli counter attendant, Stallone was hardly known to anyone before he wrote Rocky. With the smashing success of Rocky, Stallone became a known face. From there, he began his career as an actor, screenwriter, and film director, and thereafter, not looking back. Talent never dies; it may just get covered with the futile dust. You need to brush off the dust and bring it shining in front of the world.
  • Joy Behar: Behar worked as a high school English teacher. At 40, Behar started hosting "The View" and "The Joy Behar Show" to enliven the comedian behind the frame of a sober school teacher. Instead of the noble profession of teaching that she was in, she took to a yet nobler profession of putting a smile on others’ faces. Follow your heart, and the world will follow you!
  • Ken Jeong: Before taking up a career in acting, he had been a doctor. Such a big twist in work life is indeed courageous. His debut film was ‘Knocked Up’ after which he took up acting.
  • Anna Mary Robertson "Grandma" Moses: Moses sold potato chips when she had not discovered the painter inside her. This American folk artist turned to the canvas in her 80s. When her arthritis took over her health, and she could not continue her embroidery work, she took to painting. Amazing courage, right?
  • Martha Stewart: Stwart was a full-time model until she started getting fewer offers when she was 25 and the mother of a child. She followed her fascination for gourmet cooking and creative presentation and started what is now Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.
  • Michael Bloomberg: Bloomberg quit his job as CEO of the financial software, data, and media organization Bloomberg L.P. at the age of 59. Turn indecision, and he took to the duties of Mayor of New York City, which he continued for 12 years. After that, a U-turn and he re-assumed his role at Bloomberg as CEO.

So you see, if so many people have tried their hand at a career change and been successful in that, why do you fear? Change in career is a big question, indeed. But if handled with maturity, a good understanding of yourself and your capability will bring you satisfaction in work, which will get you to fame. Changing for the sake of changing will not help. You need to have the courage to face the world and stand up to your expectation to fulfill your dreams. And it is rightly said by Paulo Coelho, ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ Don’t be afraid of failure, as failure is a part of your success story. Respect your choice and give it a start. Persevere in catching your dreams, and don’t give up until you can. wishes you all the best. University of Bristol

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