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Avoid these mistakes at interview

Avoid these mistakes at interview
LiveWebTutors 05 Jul, 2017

Students have to go through a tough interview these days to get admitted for advanced studies. But it has been revealed that very few of students prepare for the interviews during the recruitment. At the time of campus recruitment, the students of the final semester appear before the representatives of the reputed companies unprepared for the process and are left behind. Sad, isn’t it? To prevent this from happening to you, try to avoid committing the common mistakes that you are likely to make in an interview. Livewebtutors has been associated with the students at college level and realized their problems while working with them in assignment preparation. Our in-house team of professional assignment writing experts has sorted out these points from their experience with the students over the past few years. We are sharing some of those points below. Go through them points so that you get the idea of these mistakes.

  • Doubtful about the profile: A common mistake that students make in their interviews is to show that they are unsure of what they are saying. If you are not sure about anything try not talk about it at all. Your confusions can give your interviewers the chance to measure your caliber and you may face rejection. Be well-informed about the job profile you are applying for, and the skills required for the job, so that you are not doubtful while facing the panel.
  • Hesitant in asking if the question is not clear: Nervousness during an interview is common, but you should not hesitate to repeat a question if it was unclear or if you have any doubts. Try to put them forward politely. You should request the interviewers to repeat the question rather than give wrong answers to the questions which were not clear to you.
  • Poor preparation: Appearing for the face-to face without complete preparation will land you into difficulty and leave a bad impression on the panel on your being careless person . It can become a reason for the rejection in an interview. You cannot guess the question that would be asked to you during an interview, so it is better to be prepared for the most common questions.
  • Telling lies: You should avoid telling a lie in an interview. Your dishonesty will be immediately caught by the panel. So, instead of taking the risk of getting blacklisted, be truthful in whatever replies you give in the interview. Taking support of a lie may grow into the biggest obstacle in your path to success.
  • Being extra friendly in behavior: You may present a pleasant personality when you enter for interview to get relaxed with the panel members. But keep a formal body language and tone, because you have come for an interview for a job. Give precise answers. Keep it formal and crisp for the positive results. Don’t get over-friendly with your interviewers.
  • Losing an eye contact during face-to-face talk: Making eye contact while talking shows that you are confident. It is a good way to show the interviewing panel you have confidence in yourself. Low eye contact means low confidence. It will convey to the panel that you are shy, rude, introvert and unsure of yourself. This may leave a bad impression on the panel and you may be able to come out through the interview in flying colors even if you answers were correct. So, proper eye contact is a must.
  • Wearing inappropriate attire: What you wear show the kind of person you are. Never wear informal dresses. If you come for an interview in informal attire it will mean that you have absolutely no respect for your workplace or the organization for which you will work. It will project you as a careless and rude person who is least bothered to make put in an effort for them. Always dress formally and smartly and formally when you appear for an interview.
  • Showing less interest: Last but not the least, is that you should keep up your cheerful and enthusiastic nature throughout the interview to create a lasting impression on the panel. When you have come for an interview or any meeting, showing less interest will result in lose the golden opportunity. Wouldn’t it look awkward if you are talking to someone with less enthusiasm? It will be considered that you are not interested in the profile at all, which is not good for you as a job-seeker.

These are a few common mistakes that a student may commit in an interview. In order to get hired in your dream organization, try to avoid making these mistakes. The points were carefully studied, and analyzed by our subject matter experts who are not only experts in providing assistance in assignment writing but also try to help the students in achieving their goals. Reach Livewebtutors for any kind of help in assignment writing. Our customer care services are 24 x 7 online, to resolve your assignment-related queries. Livewebtutors provides assignment writing solutions at competitive prices.  Next time when you need any such help, don’t forget to contact us. We are ever ready to help you in achieving academic success.

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