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How to Avoid Content Plagiarism in Assignment?

How to Avoid Content Plagiarism in Assignment?
LiveWebTutors 18 Aug, 2017
A dissertation is one word that horrifies most of the students. It is basically a writing project that requires intense research, data collection, summarizing and presentation skills. It can be based on any topic with research related to the facts of its occurrence and effects thereon. It requires original content and no plagiarism at all. By ‘original,’ we mean passing the plagiarism tests. It’s unlike the normal content or project work to an extreme extent.
Dissertation usually requires both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The qualitative approach requires you to collect the valuable data from different sources. Thereafter follows a lot of thinking for presenting your content in such a way that it describes the actual essence. It’s more like a psychology assignment. The quantitative approach, on the other hand, asks to play with numbers which is used in a statistics assignment. How to avoid plagiarism


General Facts about Dissertation

  •  The dissertation is the formal writing project usually mandatory for Master and doctoral students. But, there is Bachelor’s thesis as well.
  • It involves selecting a topic which is then researched well with the genuine pieces of information.
  • It is then followed by writer’s own view to support or deny the fact well with evidence and other facts.
  • It is lengthy. Word count for a dissertation may vary from 6000-10000 words.
  • It has to be based on original facts and figures. You would need to dig out more and more until it is completed.
  • Presentation skills are way more important in such assignments than in any other project.
You may dig out diamond as original information but if not presented well in the writing paper, it will only appear as an ordinary stone.

Keeping It “Original”

Regardless of the topic, the dissertation has to be presented and written in the manner that it speaks out the content as intended. Tips to keep the content original-
  •  Avoid passing off the other author’s work as your own.
  •  Avoid passing off phrases, originally framed by others as your own.
  •  Avoid rephrasing the content, originally written by some other author.
  •  Give due credits to the author while phrasing his/her words.
  •  Also, give due credits to the researcher, if you are going to use someone else’s research work (researched data- numbers and figures) to support your own dissertation.

General Dissertation Format

There is a general approach to deal with Dissertation. A basic format like below can be followed-
  •  Title – The main header- Title of the dissertation comes first. It must be a well thought upon element as this describes the whole project in a few words.
  •  Summary / Abstract- not always required. It provides a peep into your paper.
  • Table of contents- Index adds as the other page after above two.
  • An Introduction- Introduction to the thesis.
  • Research Approach used/Methodology used for writing a dissertation.
  • Chapters- Chapters or sub topics under the research.
  • Conclusion- Concluding the whole project has to be done from your point of view. Make sure you don’t follow the other author’s point of opinion.
  • Bibliography- This involves giving due credits to the authors, sources used in the whole research.

We Are Here to Sail You Through

No matter how challenging writing the dissertation can be, we are here to help you. Students can reach to companies like us for their dissertation help. Not just dissertation, but any assignments like statistics assignment, finance assignments, psychology assignment or other projects can be handled here. We help students with 100% accuracy of facts. Rest assured with us! All our assignments are always based on original facts and figure and never copied from anywhere. Plagiarism and quality content is taken care so well that students need not worry. You can simply sit back and work on other important elements of degree.

Conclusion There is a lot of buzz around dissertations in master or doctoral degrees. In fact, they form a crucial element of it. Dissertations represent your strong thinking skills and devotion to the project once done. Keeping aside everything, you must rethink about writing a dissertation on your own as it demands a major portion of your time on a consistent basis. Evaluate both the options of writing on your own or outsourcing to the online helping hands and you will find the answer.

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