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Assignment Help – 8 Must Read Books for Students

Assignment Help – 8 Must Read Books for Students
cal LiveWebTutors cal 02 Aug, 2018

We all have heard that books are our best friends. And like friends, books should as well be chosen to be read after evaluation. It is quite a valuable treasure to find books that leave a lasting impact as well as touch your heart and mind. It may have happened to you that your perfect book read till today has come across you through casual perusal at a bookstore or by means of a friend’s recommendation. For all the book lovers and also the ones who would like to develop reading habits, here are eight books that are a good collection and a must-read for students. While all of us have different likes and dislikes in reading, certain books hold the ability to leave a mark on all readers as they appeal to all readers.

The first book on the list is Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. A psychiatrist, who faced immediate and direct life horrors at the time of World War II in a Nazi concentration camp, Frankl traced strength in thoughts of people he loved who are in other camps and waiting for the war to end and meet him. While unhappily he could not reunify with his family members. The experiences that Frankl had in the camps provided him with a new understanding of the meaning of his life. In the mentioned book, he shares his story as well as a theory that assists us in finding strength at the time of hard times. All of us can derive benefits from the powerful lessons of life in a book by Frankl.

The second book that is worth reading by students is Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Herman Hesse turned out to be an idol among the young crowd after his novel was published about a man called Siddhartha as well as his pathway toward enlightenment. Although it does not talk about life, there is definite evidence of Hesse taking inspiration from the life story of Buddha. In the story, the pride and individualism of mankind are critiqued, and it talks about the hidden unworldly potential that we all hold in ourselves and the ways it can be uncovered.

The third must-read book is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. The sales of Alchemist have been taken in 150 countries. The book is about a personality who is traveling far away from home to search for a treasure and experiences a journey that is filled with adventure as well as misfortune. All this happens only to finally find that the treasure sought by him was all along at his home only. It is a novel that will compel you to direct your thoughts in the way mentioned in the book. If it’s catching your interest, grab it today and read and I am sure you will appreciate the move.

The next one on the list is “Sophie’s World” written by Jostein Gaarder. It cannot be disputed that philosophy and psychology are indivisibly linked in several parlances. This book by Gaarder reconnoiters the philosophy’s history by means of a young girl’s story. The name of this girl is Sophie. The story revolves around Sophie and the middle-aged philosopher trying to communicate to her about life by means of philosophy. This book by Gaarder facilitates our focus and thoughts increasingly as humans.

The next one in the set is Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence. The title of the book became a slogan when this book was published, and it continues to enjoy its popularity. This book facilitates our understanding of the connection between learning and emotions and provides essential insights into the way that we can understand ourselves and others. When you read this book, you may ponder upon your emotional intelligence level together with a demonstration of the way that the development of emotional intelligence might bring about higher happiness as well as permit you to have a new perspective on life events.

The sixth one in the row is “The Power of Optimism” by Luis Rojas Marcos. This book helps you understand the way that optimism might assist you through various challenges in life. Marcos, a distinguished Spanish psychologist, holds expertise in the discussion of emotions as well as thoughts in a straightforward manner. The author’s inimitable voice, which is calm and humble together with authoritative, is another reason that reading this book is recommended.

Linda Manassee Buell’s “Overcome Panic and Anxiety” is the next most recommended book for reading. Through this book, the writer puts across all her experiences while she dealt with anxiety and panic. Even though the book is a short one, there is a lot that it holds and provides advice to all who are going through anxiety or have a loved one going through the same.

“Buddhist Meditation” by Ramiro Calle is the eighth recommended book for students to read. This book serves as a guide to understanding meditation. There are several benefits that meditation brings to an individual and reading the book will help students meditate and stay away from stress.

There may be many more books that would be a good read, however, the above list has been made to cover all the aspects that would need attention in a student’s life and thus are the most recommended books for reading. And if you are studying and unable to read these books because you have no time off from your assignments, you can take assignment help from They provide online assignment help and hence you can get everything done with the click of a mouse. There are many web portals offering assistance for my assignment help, but for assignment help in the UK, is the leading service provider.

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