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An Illustration on How to Write a Critical Analysis

An Illustration on How to Write a Critical Analysis
cal LiveWebTutors cal 29 Aug, 2018

Most students freak out immediately when their professors ask them to write a critical analysis paper. For every student who does believe that they have bitten off more than they could possibly chew, well they are not alone in it. It is just because they are new to it that they feel this way. They are not used to writing it hence the first time they are asked to they feel a little baffled. All they need to do is keep their calm and start working on it as the process slowly becomes clearer to them. Or they can also attain the trusted services of online assignment help writers offering them expert guidance to clear them from the state of constant bafflement.

First things first, what is critical analysis? It is a subjective report on a certain essay piece, research study, book report, etc. Here the writer is expected to make a sound argument serving two chief purposes. The first one is to introduce and elaborate on the subject of the argument, while the other is to provide an irrefutable opinion on it that brings to light a certain understanding of the subject matter that contributes to a better understanding of the subject in question.

Confused? Don’t be as there really isn’t anything to be confused about. We pass judgment on certain matters on a daily basis. We disagree, confer, or argue with our friend's presents who present a different opinion than us on just about any topic. While you may agree with a friend on some parts of it there are parts that you would certainly disagree with. By doing so, you offer your friend, your own rational reasoning about the subject matter in question. This is what you have to do while drafting a critical analysis paper on a topic set before you. Getting my assignment help service also makes things much easier for them.

This is the approach that your professors expect you to adopt while crafting a critical analysis paper. Hopefully, the concept is clear to you now. Then let’s move on to the development that the critique or critical review or critical analysis. It is the same thing that is referred to by various names. So next time your professor asks for it in another name do not be baffled.

The following is an illustration of how to write a critical analysis paper –

Firstly, create a rough outline of the basic questions on which your answer to the critical analysis paper would be based. Just follow these question patterns –

  • What is the stance of the writer on the subject?
  • What is the context of the argument that is made?
  • What is the speculative background of the subject?
  • How does it influence the writer’s opinion?
  • Has the writer provided a solution of any type on the issue?
  • Is the solution reasonable for the situation?
  • What tools like logic, research evidence, or emotional appeals are used to support the argument?
  • How valid is the writer’s tool of persuasion?
  • Has the writer provided relevant analysis info in a coherent logical manner?
  • Has the writer’s aim to entertain his/her audience worked?
  • Has it triggered a certain emotion?
  • To what extent did it influence the emotions of the audience?

Once you get the answers to these questions, start summarizing your essay. Start with the introduction of the topic in question and then analyze the paper with a special mention of the relevance of the title of the book, the author, as well as those important details of publication on the topic that needs to be analyzed. Base your entire critical analysis on it and try to keep the proceedings brief and comprehensive.

Next, write a précis on the work of the writer but do not cover every minuscule detail of his/her work. Discuss the main points of the author’s composition concisely. Keep the length of this part at about 25-30% of the entire word count of your composition.

Then comes the analytical part! Here the professional writers offering assignment help Australia provide all with the answers to the questions they have written down in a rough draft. They explain the main points in detail, as well as evaluate the effectiveness, competence, validity, and strength of the argument basing it on the specific content.

Try not to dismiss an argument that you disapprove of. You have to put it down on the paper and then provide enough credible evidence to dismiss it. The proof must be based on established research, theories, facts, and events. It must all be extremely rational!

Professional writers of assignment help review their own work multiple times. Their critically marked essay is extremely coherent as well as structured in the most logical manner as well.

Discuss the effects of the author’s argument as well as the questions that arise from it. Assess the positive or negative implications. Highlight the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of the subject matter dealt with by the writer in his/her book.

Conclude the paper by providing a brief evaluation of the analyzed findings or solutions that you have achieved by analyzing the strength or weaknesses of the subject in a very practical manner. Availing of the services o good writing agencies like the LiveWebTutors, make the entire thing very easy for the student.

The writers providing online assignment help assist the students in maintaining a fair and neutral approach while writing the critical essay. Just because it is a critical analysis it does not necessarily mean that a student is only allowed to showcase the negative aspects of the work. Not really, it just means that a student is to present their own opinion on the subject matter. The critical analysis is expected to be fair in every aspect with students skillfully balancing both the positive and negative aspects of the work. While it may seem difficult a task to manage for a first-year student yet it is done with ease by the professionals of LiveWebTutors.

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