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20 Academic Words and Phrases to Use in Your Essay

20 Academic Words and Phrases to Use in Your Essay
cal LiveWebTutors cal 07 Jul, 2021

In many students, it has been found that essay writing is a difficult task. This is because the students think that writing academic essays for schools, colleges or universities requires in-depth knowledge of the topic and thus they lack confidence in their course. So, we have jotted down the list of words as well as phrases that are mandatory to be used in an essay to judge that the student is in the correct place. All these words can be used are essential to be used in the introduction, conclusion, or body of the essay. 

General Explaining

1. Firstly, Secondly, and Third

These are some of the words that are likely to make the arguments presented by the students clearer and thus assist to deliver the ideas accordingly. This can be considered to be an effective method to present the fact. However, while using it, a student should not be rigid and thus must try to number each point upon requirement so that it becomes easier for the reader to identify it.

2. According, To the words, Referring to

It is crucial to introduce the views of the author in the initial stage because quotations are not preferred use in academic essays and so there has to be proper referencing and citation. There should be a use of one’s own words while writing the essay so that it reduces the plagiarism percentage accordingly.

3. Considering, Given

These words are essential to start the essay and thus assist to present the arguments of the author systematically. This phrase can be used as a piece of evidence that helps to shed new light on the argument in an improved way.

4. In other words, in simple terms, to put in a more simple way

These words are used to highlight the simple descriptions by using appropriate sentences. All these words are used in academic essay writing as it helps the readers to understand the meaning differently. However, the writer should not make repeated or frequent use of the words if the reader does not require further explanation or the explanation is written technically.

5. In contrast, While comparing

These phrases are used to highlight the comparisons or differences between the evidence. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the writer to check that there is an appropriate use of these phrases while writing the essay.

6. For example, To give an illustration

These phrases are used to describe examples or illustrations that are made about the paragraphs. However, it is the responsibility of the writer to make appropriate and correct use of the phrase and avoid repetition.

7. In view of, Considering, In light of

These phrases are used in the introduction of an essay. It helps the essay writer to highlight the argument by comparing it with the views of the other authors. All these phrases can be used as a piece of evidence to shed light on the argument.

8. Likewise, Similarly, as well as

All these words add good choice to the piece of information following the fact of the argument in the essay. It also refers to the relevant points or views that are to be included in the essay to express one’s opinion.

9. Significantly

 This word is used in Essay Writing Service to introduce a particular point that has an adequate meaning which might not be apparent. It also highlights the importance of the particular paragraph so that the writer can highlight the specific meaning to the reader.

10. In conclusion

This phrase is used for introducing the concluding sentence or the ending paragraph of the conclusion. Moreover, this also provides a broad overview of the conclusion in evidence to a particular point.

11. However

This word is used to introduce a particular point that is in contrast with the previous paragraphs. The writer must try to use this whenever he/she wants to highlight the contradictions in the previous paragraphs.

12. Therefore, the consequence, It can be seen that

All these phrases are used to explain the significance of the results of a particular piece of research. Moreover, the use of these phrases assists the writer to provide a correct and perfect explanation.

13. Compelling, persuasive

Both these words in the essay have used the emphasis of the relevant or the correct arguments in the study. Moreover, it can be said that both these words are used to denote the same meaning and it is the responsibility of the writer to apply them adequately.

14. Despite this, Nonetheless

These phrases as well as the essay words are used to highlight positive aspects of the subject matter irrespective of the proper evidence, coherence, criticism as well as logic. Both these phrases are used to highlight the clarity as well as additional expertise to academic writing.

15. Likewise, similarly, another important fact to remember

These words can be regarded as a good choice in writing the essay as it provides an argument or description of the fact. It is relevant to include the viewpoints in the study so that it assists the researcher to understand the research essay.

16. All things considered, Taking into consideration, Weighing all circumstances

These phrases are used to highlight the analysis or the judgment after considering all the facts that are discussed in the essay

17. Salient, important, noticeable, Crucial

These adjectives are used to highlight or discuss the importance of the facts or the analysis that has been carried out in the essay. All these words highlight the attention of the reader.

18. Elucidate, illustrate, explain

The use of these words is made to clarify, clear up, and enlighten as well as shed light on the sentences or the technical words that are used in the essay.

19. To end this, To, to this end

These phrases are used to introduce an explanation or analyze the aim of the essay. These are used because in most cases it is the responsibility of the writer to prove how he/she intends to achieve the goals and this is done by using the phrases.

20. Moreover, In addition, Furthermore

The use of these phrases is done for adding or expanding the fact that has been made already. Further, it protects against the interruption of the flow altogether.

If you are stuck or confused with the appropriate use of the words in the appropriate place, you can seek the help of our experts and clarify your doubts immediately. We are always there at your Assignment help service and you can reach us by clicking LiveWebTutors.

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