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A Handbook on How to Write Critical Assignments

A Handbook on How to Write Critical Assignments
cal LiveWebTutors cal 17 Aug, 2018

First, it is important to understand the concepts of “critical assignments” because it is creating confusion as this type of assignment are not traditional.

The idea of critical assignments help in the UK started when it becomes imperative to criticize any form of art whether it is a book, movie or painting.

Criticizing means simply presenting our own viewpoint and not just following the author’s point of view. This type of assignment will enhance a person’s thinking ability and gives them the freedom to express themselves as they want. While it is a rare known fact

that effective criticism includes both good as well as bad aspects. Focusing just on either aspect will not be considered a high-quality criticism. 

Well, there is no formula for writing a fine critical assignment but, there are certain crucial points that would help in generating a logical critical assignment. The quality of my assignment help totally depends on the quality of the research work one has done.

Understanding the inner meaning of the content is very important because the better you analyze the text the better you will be able to criticize it. Critical assignments too have a fixed format that starts with-


This section is very important and it should be catchy enough to attract the reader’s attention. The introductory paragraph should be brief and simple. The language should be simple and noncomplex in nature. It should convey what actually one wants to convey.

The Word count of this section should also be in appropriate numbers as a lengthy introduction is quite uninteresting. In this section, one should give the name of the book its published date, and the author’s name.

Comprehensive Detailing:- 

This section can also be referred to as the main body of the assignment. In this section, the complete detailing should be done part by part. The whole art which is going to be criticized should be broken into parts and each part should be explained well.

This section has multiple body paragraphs but, they all should be assembled in such a manner that they deliver a logical output. While detailing one thing should be kept in mind which is the positive and the negative aspects should be highlighted.

Many think that a critical assignment focuses only on the negative side which is a false belief. Balancing the assignment with positive and negative aspects is one of the toughest yet most needed tasks. If something has been missed by the author highlight it. If you disagree with the given fact disapprove it, but, never present a myth or inappropriate data in your critical.

Finishing well:-

Finishing your assignment well is another imperative work because “all well that ends well”. This section requires a brief result of the mentioned thesis. In this section, you should focus on giving your own verdict about the art whether you liked it or not. Whatever your verdict would be it should be based on your above-mentioned thesis and here also you should move it to affirm your decision.

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