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A Detailed look into Peter Mitchell Case Study

A Detailed look into Peter Mitchell Case Study
cal LiveWebTutors cal 24 Oct, 2019

Look into Peter Mitchell Case Study:

Peter Mitchell is a person who is 52 years old. He was suffering from obesity and type 2 diabetes. He was admitted to the hospital. The ward in which he was admitted was not so good at treating diabetes or obesity disease. Peter was then referred by his general physician. He had symptoms of shakiness, diaphoresis, increased hunger, high BGI level, and was having difficulty breathing while sleeping. Peter was a chain smoker.

He smoked approximately 20 cigarettes a year. He was smoking for the last 30 years. On a previous visit to the hospital, Peter was made to conceive low-energy food and was kept on a high-protein diet. This was done to help him reduce his weight. His previous general physician advised him to reduce his weight. But Peter never wanted to do something about it. He found it very hard. He was suggested to do light exercise at home. After four weeks in the hospital, Peter was advised for having regular check-ups with the doctor.

Their past medical history of Peter suggested that he was suffering from Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression, sleep apnoea, and reflux disease.

Personal Life of Peter:

Peter is a self-employed person. He meets his daily needs through the government benefits he gets. Peter worked as a fork lifter three years ago at the Moranbah Coal Mine. Peter was too big compared to a normal human being. His weight was around 105 kg. After losing his job, Peter gained a significant amount of weight. Due to his weight, Peter was facing difficulty in finding a job for himself. He felt uncomfortable about it. Peter, being a divorcee, lived alone.

He had two sons who lived in the same state but in different cities. They used to visit him on an occasional basis. Peter was facing great difficulty in undergoing his daily activities. Peter was wanting to reduce his weight and quit smoking. However, he had no idea where to start.

Peter was undergoing current medication of Insulin Novomix, Metformin, Lisinopril, Nexium, and Metropol. His latest observation at the hospital reflected that he weighed 145 kg with a height of 170 cm. His blood pressure level was 180/92.

Detailed Study of the case:

Peter needed immediate care in the form of availability and coordination. The two priorities required can be understood by studying the situation mentioned in the case study. Peter was a lonely person. He lacked the motivation in reducing his weight. This was the major cause of his disease. Therefore, coordination and availability are the two most important things that could help Peter to recover from his disease.

The caretaker needs to know the previous history of Peter. This is very important to handle regular check-ups of Peter. Proper communication between Peter and Nurse is also very important. It will help the caretaker in understanding their physiological thinking of Peter. Incorporating these attributes, it would help Peter in opening up to the Nurse comfortably. Peter is living alone. Though his sons were living in the same city, they were very far away. Therefore, with the help of a visiting nurse,

it would be very easy in knowing to get an update on their current health status of Peter and also establish a better relationship with him. The next step to be followed is to interpret the data collected by the nurse on the health of Peter. The nurse had to be in regular touch with Peter, it will be easy to get to know the exact symptoms behind the disease suffered by Peter. Then the nurse is to decide on the proper treatment for Peter and evaluate the effective results.

The nurse can then easily evaluate the results that are occurring because of the medications being given to Peter. The nurse is also to decide the best method through which such medications and treatment can be made available to Peter. It would then become fairly easy for the nurse to regularly monitor Peter. With the presence of a nurse, Peter would no longer feel lonely. He will be motivated to undergo the treatment and take regular medications. The main reason behind Peter’s de-motivation was his loneliness and his unemployment.

This entire procedure would also be good learning for the nurse. She can apply the same technique in the treatment of other patients suffering from the same disease.

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