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A brief Introduction to Theories of US Foreign Policy and International Relations

A brief Introduction to Theories of US Foreign Policy and International Relations
cal LiveWebTutors cal 14 Nov, 2019

The main objective of any government of a country is to safeguard its national interest and achieve the goals set by it. The government thus enters into such foreign policies in order to strengthen its roots and achieve its desired goals in a much more strategic way.

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Well, this blog is all about theories of US foreign policies and international relations.

Students pursuing the subject of Global Business have to undergo this area of their study. The theories relating to foreign policies depend upon the behavioral pattern of each state involved. 

Therefore, it is very important to examine the different levels of the state.

A few of these analyses are mentioned below:


In this system, the states involved are examined from an international point of view. A change at the international level will cause a change in the state. Thus, the behavior of the state depends upon the changing behavioral pattern internationally.


The foreign policies of the state are dependent upon its characteristics. Foreign policies are devised in such a way that it meets the basic characteristics of the state. Every state has its own history. It is believed by many scholars that the policy of any country depends upon its state legacy. However, it changes with time as needed.

Every state differs in its characteristics depending upon its own religious and social traditions. The most important characteristic upon which a fiscal policy depends is its economic stability.


Foreign policy also depends upon the strength of the organization working in it. The foreign policies are designed in such a way that it proves to be very beneficial to the organizations. Let us assume that the government has introduced a new policy of anti-dumping duty. This would surely help the domestic organizations but will impact their export.

Thus, foreign policies are greatly affected by the need for domestic organizations.


The individual needs of a society have a great impact on the foreign policy of a country. The government has to take into consideration all the basic needs of an individual as well as the economy. The government may introduce a foreign policy such as a reduction in taxes to extend financial aid to its citizens.

It may also introduce a scheme of sanctions to aid the economy as a whole. Thus, foreign policy is greatly affected by the pressing concerns of the citizens of a country.

Let us know to discuss the various advantages available to the public due to foreign policies:


The government may introduce a policy whereby it may allow foreign companies to establish their business in their country. The citizens can explore new products introduced by these companies in the market. This paves the way for enhanced competition. In order to survive through it, the companies will continuously put an effort to enhance the quality of the product.

Hence, people will be able to get more premium products due to this.


An economy depends upon the taxes paid by its citizens. Due to the rising inflation, the prices of goods keep on increasing year to year. The government may introduce such a policy against which the burden is distributed proportionally.

The companies earning huge profits are made to pay more than in comparison to the less-earning individuals. Thus, citizens can get help as financial aid through these policies.


The main intention of the government introducing foreign policies is to boost its economy. One of the benefits that the citizens may get is better infrastructure. This would enhance transportation speed.

Through their foreign policies, the government can pave way for many foreign companies that deal with infrastructure projects. This can help to boost the economy.


The growth of any economy depends upon its employment rate. With the introduction of new foreign policies, the government can attract many foreign companies.

The main reason behind these companies intending to open up their business in a foreign land is to get benefits from taxation policies. A number of people can get job opportunities in these companies.

This will help to enhance the standard of living of the citizens.

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