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9 Simple Steps to Write an Academic Essay

9 Simple Steps to Write an Academic Essay
cal LiveWebTutors cal 23 Mar, 2021

Writing an essay can be largely intimidating, especially if you have never written one before. Knowing how to write an essay is essentially a skill that not everyone can master. It involves a large number of basics that helps you to organize ideas that you can use in developing an essay. It will aid you in mastering the essay writing skills like never before.

Anything You Write Can Be Largely Beneficial By Learning the Following Points

  1. Create A Topic

This is the very first step in writing an academic essay which will determine the topic while helping you develop a thesis statement. This is simply a concise statement of the primary idea of an essay. When you are offered an essay to write, the instructor might offer a specific topic and ask you to write a thesis statement.

At times, the instructor might ask you to write specific kinds of essays, such as narrative, expository, descriptive, persuasive, and more. Get essay writing help in the USA to know more. If the instructor asks you to opt for a topic, it is a must to evaluate the kinds of ideas and topics that interest you. If you are a movie buff who has been asked to write a descriptive essay you need to describe the way that the movies make you feel and experience.

However, on the other hand, if you have been asked to write down a narrative essay, you must think about a vital experience such as a fond vacation memory and write about all that happened. Avail a reliable essay writing help USA to know how to create a topic.

  1. Define the Purpose/Idea

Before you start with the writing procedure, you must have an idea of what to write about. If you have been offered a topic, then it gets a lot easier for you than coming up with your own topic. The best-written essays will be about all things that light the fire in you. Assess the topics and fields that interest you.

What are the types of topics that you find yourself interested in? Assess your interest, whether it is photography, gardening, volunteering, or any other aspect. Make sure you put all of these ideas in a single sentence, as your thesis statement. Review the best essay writing help in the USA to know how they can help.

  1. Create A Title

It is mandatory for you to choose a title that efficiently expresses your primary idea. The strongest titles must be efficient enough to comprise a verb. Take a look at the newspapers and you will be able to review the titles having a verb. The title must be catchy enough to make someone read the essay.

Although sometimes, you might feel to wait until the end to write a suitable title, however, it is ideal to write it in the beginning rather than waiting until the end.

  1. Write the Introduction

The introduction of an essay is an extremely short paragraph, which only includes a sentence or two stating the thesis and introducing the primary concept of the essay to the readers. After the readers are done reading the title, this is the next paragraph that the readers are hooked on.

Hence, it is extremely important for you to seek the best essay writing assistance in the USA which is helping you to write an introductory paragraph. This not only offers a brief summary of what the essay is going to be like but also drives the readers’ interest to read the entire essay.

  1. Write the Body

Upon finishing the introduction, it is important for you to write the body. Professional essay writing helps solutions USA assists you to divide the body into four distinct paragraphs. Start the first paragraph with a thesis while adding a transitional hook that alerts the readers of what they can expect in the paper’s body.

The second paragraph must be the strongest argument or point including illustrations and examinations. The third paragraph should be the second strongest argument supported with illustrations and examples. The fourth paragraph should be the weakest argument backed with examples and illustrations.

  1. Write a Conclusion

The conclusion or the last paragraph of the essay must detail how you are going to unite the topics from the topics and further weaves them together in a solid point. The students mistake a conclusion paragraph for a summary. In fact, you have an opportunity to support the argument. Get in touch with the best essay helpers USA to write a conclusion better.  

  1. List the Citations

As you find the reference or quotes to include with the essay, you need to ensure that each and every reference is cited well. This will eliminate all concerns and you no longer need to scramble to go back to the source and find the quotations. Make sure you list the citations down on the outline. Seek essay writing help in the USA today!

  1. Utilize Credible Sources

Contextual information is largely essential for establishing credibility and supporting the argument. Hence, ensure that the information and quotes come from credible sources. Examples of the sources include peer-reviewed articles, academic journals, books, articles, and more. For the best credible source to be used within an essay, you must explore essay writing help.

  1. Edit and Proofread

Reviewing is extremely necessary to write an essay that stands out. Some teachers would not even finish reading an essay if they manage to be grammatically sound and have spelling on point. Hence, it is a must to edit and proofread the essay well before the final submission. The expert editors at LiveWebTutors have a large team of essay-help editors offering expert essay-writing help services in the USA.

Visit LiveWebTutors today, and combat all challenges that might obstruct your goal of submitting a well-researched essay. With comprising a large team of essay help writers and editors, the leading essay help experts in the field ensure to submit a world-class quality essay. Make the most of your writing skills to obtain essay writing help. The papers can be a challenge for you, but for us, it is a mere smooth process. Feel free to get in touch with our essay help experts and attain a top-class essay with just one single finger click.

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