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7 Ways To Do Effective Academic Research Using The Internet

7 Ways To Do Effective Academic Research Using The Internet
cal LiveWebTutors cal 09 Feb, 2017

Academic Research is creating new knowledge.” -Neil Armstrong

Academic Research must be conducted by the students and other writers before doing an assignment or any academic writing.

We are in an era of the digital world, where almost every material is available online. However, one must be aware of using the Internet effectively for academic research.

General research can be easily conducted. Nevertheless, the following tips can be used towards effective academic research.  And you can also reach us at LiveWebTutors for Academic writing help.

1- Know the Requirement

There is immense information available on the Internet, and hence it might digress you from the focus on the main point.

It may also bring about confusion by reading more and in detail. However, for evading such a condition, the writer must be aware of the needs of the writing work.

The main points should be penned down, and research should be based on these main keywords and questions, such that there is no deviation from the chief focus.

2- Narrow when necessary

When researching a topic about which there is very little information that you have, the research should be commenced with broad terms, and subsequently, the information culled from that first search should be used for narrowing down the search.

3- Effective Utilization of Search Engines

Research can be conducted through various search engines that are available on the Internet. Some of the widely used ones are Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Knowing how these search engines work to derive the finest information is essential. To find out relevant information, even the subject directories can be used that are available on the Internet.

These directories have the links that the various subject matter experts select and might facilitate the research to move in a practical direction.

4- Find Credible And Authoritative Sources

This is one of the most challenging sections. While there is a lot of information available on the Internet, not all come from credible sources.

It is important that the information for academic writing is derived from authentic and reliable sources so that one is sure that the given information is correct.

These sources include - journal articles, government sources, websites ending with .edu as these belong to universities or colleges, news articles, and books. If information is taken from a web page, it must have an author's name, the date it was published, and author details.

5- Wider Research

The information and credible sources might not always be found on the first page of the search engines, and you should scroll the pages to find good sources.

6- Trace Original Source

The material available online may or may not be cited. Only accept the cited material and wherever possible, try and look for the information in the original source. This will ensure the credibility of the information.

7- Ensure The Visited Sites are Recorded

While researching, there are several sites that one may visit, and the important ones may be missed when trying to recollect later.

Therefore, the academic and reliable sites must be listed to be referred back when needed. One can create a word file or bookmark the essential websites to not be lost. Apart from that we also provide Academic Dissertation help.

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