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The testing season can be incredibly stressful for the students as they have a heavy burden on their shoulders. While preparing for exams, students must be calm and energized; they must not take too much stress. If they do so, they can get good grades in their examinations without a problem. The day before the exam, you must read or learn only the important topics as it will help you gain more marks and cover most of the question paper. The following are the seven last-minute test preparation tips to help you fetch A+ grades on your score sheet.

  1. GOOD SLEEP: You might have to skip your party time with your friends, and if you don’t do so, you may not be able to get a total amount of sleep. Studies on students’ behaviour during exams show that students do better on the tests when they get adequate sleep—studying more shows the ability of the student that how much they can analyze at a time. Skipping a party is better than sitting idle in front of the paper.
  2. FUEL UP: The word protein energizes you. Make sure you eat a protein-packed breakfast and bring a protein-rich snack. It helps you gain more protein which helps your body to grow reasonably. You will never be lazy if you take a proper protein diet. It also affects the examination of the student if you don’t do so. You will always be lazy.
  3. GET EVERYTHING READY: The night before the exam, you must prepare everything needed for the examination. Pack your bag with all the necessary items. Also, check the alarm, which will wake you up in the morning. Any of the things can cause unnecessary stress when you least need it. Just get ready and smoothly give your exam. Make your directions in which you want to move forward as it will lead you to your destination.
  4. DON’T GET LATE: Nothing will throw you off your game faster than arriving late or flustered. If you have learnt everything, then it will be a massive help for you. You will not be required to revise your work in the morning. But make sure that you have plenty of time to get ready for school and for taking breakfast. Arriving at the test site allows you to take a quick bathroom break, have a snack, and do some calming breathing rather than plunging immediately into the test.
  5. KNOW YOUR TEST: Hopefully, you’ve done some prep work and even taken some practice tests. It will help you to recognize your answers. That will lead you to get good marks and reach your destination in a short time. Tests have different scoring systems, but the ACT does not penalize you for guessing, so ensure every question is answered.
  6. WATCH THE TIME: When you are busy doing your paper, you forget to watch the time, which can prove to be a big mistake. Dive at the right time on the right questions as it will help you complete your homework at the right time before the examination. And even if you are feeling pressed, ensure that you have allotted sufficient time to go back and make at least an “educated guess” on every question and try to avoid Examination Stress as much as possible.


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