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Students have so much of work that has to be complete during the exams. In such a busy schedule they forget the basic mistakes that can be easily done by them during the exams. To guide and inform the students regarding these mistakes here the seven most common tips that the students must do never do in the test. Take a look at them and avoid your wrong doings.

 (1)    STOP BEING LATE: Pack everything which will be needed in the test, a night before. All the things must be managed in a proper way as examination must be taken seriously. You must check your alarm twice and make sure that you have a full tank of gas and directions. If you wake up late you will be late in your examination so try to sleep early night before the test as it will help you to be fresh minded when you wake up the next morning.

 (2)    DON’T TAKE EXTRA: Make sure you carry only that things or instruments which are necessary in the examination. Carrying lots of items take a lot of weight that you carry and this will also distract you and might lead in loosening of strength and energy. If you carry geometry box in your English exam, it doesn’t have a use in the English exam as there is no use of geometry in English subject. So you must know and carry only those things which are needed during the examination Assignment Help.

 (3)    JUMP IN READING: You must read your question paper thoroughly as some spellings are tricky which you don’t understand. It will help you to know the meanings of the spellings and in doing the multiple choice questions. First you should read the question paper as after that you will save your time by applying this quality in your examination. In multiple choice questions you must read all the choices carefully as they tend to confuse your mind.

 (4)    DON’T WASTE TIME: If you don’t know something, leave the question as it will only waste your time. Don’t try to figure it out since it can eat up much of your time. Leave the question and go for the next one and if you apply this strategy to your tests you will be able to save your time. Just move on the next question and do it when you complete the other questions.

 (5)    GO FOR RECHECKING: If you have time after completing your question paper you must check your answers triply as it will help you to know your problems and what mistakes you have done in your answer sheet. Just check them and fix all the things that you have done wrong in your sheet. But most times you want to go with your gut, rather than over thinking your answers. It confuses your mind in two directions and you will never be able to find the right answer of the question.

 (6)    CHECK THE TIME: All the students must develop a habit of doing their question paper as fast as they can because when you do your question paper you don’t think about the time which keeps on running and don’t stop for anyone. You really want to pace yourself on the test and if you don’t do so you will not be able to finish your paper before the time. Read the paper carefully and try to find out the questions which will take long time to be completed. First do those questions and then move on to others.

(7)    DON’T GET STRESSED: Getting stressed freezes your mind and can sink your test. You have to overcome this problem otherwise you might be in great problem as because of this you will not be able to get good grades in you examination. Apply your tactics to overcome the problem of getting stressed like taking breathe deeply and repeating the mantra with full dedication. With this you can easily finish your test on time and will get good grades in you examinations. And you can also visit LiveWebTutors to know how you can get 

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