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6 Android Assignment Topic Ideas To Showcase Your Coding Skills

6 Android Assignment Topic Ideas To Showcase Your Coding Skills
cal LiveWebTutors cal 21 Nov, 2019

Thinking about which Android assignment topic can help you enhance your skills?

Are confused, how do start with it?

Don't worry! We will help you with it.

Students can work on the below mentioned ideas:

Drowsiness affecting the drivers:

More than one lakh of accidents takes place in a year due to a default in the drivers. Fault arises due to the thousands of drivers. The main task lies here to build up a robust and reliable system in order to detect the thousands of drivers, if there is any default, and to generate an alert alarm.

This detection is done through a neural network. This network is to be designed in such a way that it can run smoothly on any of the given Android platforms.

Installing a smart controller:

This mainly focuses on student design and the Android application that can control the appliances. These appliances are generally related to household purposes. This application is to be installed on an Android phone and is used to serve as a server-client architecture.

In order to use it, the user has to send a simple Android application request which then enables the Android application to get connected to the server. From this server, a request is made to the controller. All these works are done through HyperText Transfer Protocol.

After receiving the messages the controller switches on or off as desired.

Monitoring patients through Aadhar card applications:

India is one of the most highly populated countries in the world. With an increase in population, an increase in diseases has also been found. Thus, it is very important to manage the health of all citizens.

In order to approve the identity of the patients being admitted to hospitals, a strong database is required. This can be done by using the database of Aadhar.

The concept lies in linking the database of Aadhar with that of a hospital. Thus, the medical records of a patient get updated automatically.

Machine learning through Android based applications:

Machine learning has become the new trend of the era. It includes coding the machines in such a way that they can walk climb, sit, or stand just like any other human being.

The main aim lying here is to use this model in the Android-based platform. Mobile-based software is to be designed in order to track the various acts of the machines.

Controlling a smart wheelchair through your mobile application:

This is one of the most interesting and useful projects that one can work on. There are a number of disabled persons who have spent their entire life in a wheelchair.

Thus, by building an application, one can provide a lot of help to these people. They can help themselves in moving here and there, by using a simple Android application.

Tracking medicines through an Android-based application:

This application is mainly used by doctors. By simply entering the name of the patient is addressed and its code, it is possible to acquire information about a medicine directly from any of the pharmaceutical sources.

Customers are no longer required to present a certificate for a medical practitioner in order to purchase any medicine from the stores.

What are the benefits a student gets in using these ideas?

Students using these android assignment topic ideas can get the following benefits:

  • A chance to improve their coding skills.
  • A chance to learn by exploring new technologies.
  • A chance to enhance the weight of your resume by casting your achievement in using these latest technologies.

Not only this has society also got a larger benefit through this:

  • Ease in their daily tasks.
  • Enhancing productivity and consolidating databases.
  • Enhancing the genuineness of a document by connecting it with the main server.

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