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5 Reasons Why Using Examples Is Important in Assignments

5 Reasons Why Using Examples Is Important in Assignments
cal LiveWebTutors cal 29 Nov, 2019

Assignments are a piece of writingcompleted with regards to a specific topic. Students pursuing any subject in their graduation and post-graduation career are required to prepare assignments.

Assignments are not just a part of their study course; an assignment plays an important role in enhancing the final marks scored. Thus, it is very important to prepare your assignment creatively and effectively.

What makes an assignment effective?

An assignment becomes effective only when its content is supported by adequate examples. An assignment is written to portray one’s knowledge upon a given topic. The most important part to prove is that the information mentioned by you is completely authentic. 

The genuineness of your content enhances if examples are added to it. Using examples, you will be more confident in stating your facts upon the given topic. 

Planning to prepare your content in an effective way?

Well, be prepared to add examples in your content.

We will understand the usage of examples in a much better way by stating 5 important reasons behind it:

Confident in stating your arguments:

An assignment is valued only when its writer is confident in his/her writing. The main purpose of preparing an assignment is to give your facts and information upon the given topic.

It is only the writer that undergoes a huge process of preparing the assignment. Starting from researching upon the topic to collecting information to finally writing upon it, writers put all their efforts into preparing their content. Thus, they understand the nitty-gritty of the assignment written by them.

But, how a reader is to assess whether the content is written is appropriate or not?

It is only by using the examples in your assignment;you will be able to prepare your content to be reliable enough for the readers to read.

Interesting to read your content:

The content becomes interesting only when it can be easily understood.

For example, you are planning to write a technical assignment. With all the technical jargon used, you have prepared your assignment attractively. 

But, what is the use if the person reading it has no idea of what is being written? What if a layman tries to read the content of your assignment?

By including examples, it will be very easy for the reader to get a well understanding of your topic. They will be more interested in going through your entire assignment.       

An Original Content:

The assignment prepared by you will be more appreciated if the content written is original.

What makes a content original?

Content is original only when it is written in the own words of the writer on the basis of his/her understanding. It will be very easy for the writers to include examples if they have a good understanding of the given topic.

By including examples, the writer is able to restore the originality of the content written. However, it must be kept in mind that the examples included must be relevant. You must not include any such examples which are false or misleading.

The readers will have a more dependence upon the examples than on your content. Thus, make sure that the examples included by you are completely true and correct.

Good Quality Research:

The inclusion of examples in your report signifies the quality of your research. Whenever you are assigned a topic to be written upon, you should conduct robust research upon it. 

You can either undergo primary or secondary research. Having conducted good research, you will be able to gather a robust knowledge upon the topic of your assignment.

Therefore, the observations of your research work must be supported by adequate examples. You can also make use of statistical or mathematical calculations in your examples. You can also include a reference from an original source while writing your example. 

Much clearer thoughts:

You should not prepare an assignment just for the mere sake of scoring marks in it. Your main aim must be to help the reader in understanding the message you want to convey from your topic.

It will be only possible when the reader is able to completely understand what you have written in your assignment. The reader is going to assess your thoughts on the topic by going through your assignments. 

Thus, by including examples in your assignment, you are able to help your reader in getting much clearer thoughts upon the topic of your assignment.

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