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5 Negative Consequences of Plagiarism

5 Negative Consequences of Plagiarism
cal LiveWebTutors cal 21 Feb, 2019

Plagiarism means copying someone else’s work into one’s own work without giving credit to them. Plagiarism is a growing issue among educational institutions such as schools, universities, and colleges. The issue is that the students are pressurized with the assignment burden and as a consequence, they copy content from the internet into their assignments, leading to plagiarism. Knowing the fact that they have copied content, the students are aware that they may lose their academic degree or may not get into a high-paid career. If the students submit plagiarized assignments, they may be suspended from their educational institution and banned from enrolling themselves in any other institution. In longer pieces of work such as a thesis or dissertation, plagiarism can destroy the entire work. In other words, plagiarism seems to have a negative impact on both the academic and professional life of the students.

Therefore, the students recognize that delivering plagiarism-free work is important to attain the highest marks and achieve success in the future. There are several Assignment Help companies that formulate quality assignments for students. They prevent students from submitting poor-quality work and enable them to maintain a work/life balance.

Consequences of Plagiarism-

  • Destroy institutional reputation: Plagiarism seems to have an adverse effect on the educational institution itself. If the student submits the plagiarized work, the value of the degree diminishes, and this, in turn, has an effect on the brand name of the university in the global market. This will prevent international students to get admission to the reputed university. In a survey, 37% of the respondents stated that plagiarism seems to have a long-lasting impact on educational institutions and the reputation of the university. Social media expose cases of plagiarism more quickly which affects the public image and credibility of educational bodies.
  • Destroy student career: The educational bodies considered plagiarism a serious issue and have academic committees for the same. Due to plagiarism, students can be suspended from their school, college, or university. This offense is reflected in their academic records and prevents them to get admission into some other institution. This follows with the students for their entire future. They will also face difficulty in finding a respectable job for themselves. In other words, the name of the students will be ruined and it will be difficult for them to establish their careers.
  • Legal consequence: Plagiarism has a legal consequence that is quite serious.  When the writers use some published work in their own work without referencing and citing them, the author has a right to file a case against the writer. The people who write for a living face this legal issue, leading to monetary penalties or prison sentences for them. It is important for these writers to familiarize themselves with the copyright issue and the consequences of plagiarism.
  • Pointless research: Research is done by researchers to come up with new results and finding about a certain issue or topic. Plagiarism arises when the researcher copy-paste the entire work done by some other researcher and as a result, the purpose of conducting the research will not achieve. The plagiarized research may lead to the loss of someone’s life in a profession like medicine. Even if you are taking an outline from published work to conduct your research, make sure that you include them in references and citations as it reduces the chances of plagiarism.
  • Affects the author’s reputation: Plagiarism means stealing the work of any author. The author puts lots of hard work and dedication to create their work and no one wants others to copy it. The theft of work affects the personality and feelings of the author. In this case, the author has the right to file a case against the plagiarist. The plagiarist can face monetary charges or be sentenced to prison, affecting their entire career.

Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism:-

  • Make use of citations and references: You should give credit to the authors whose work you are referencing for writing. This can be done by writing citations and references. Each university has its own guidelines for referencing style and you should write them as per the requirement of your educational institution.
  • Use plagiarism detector tool: There are several plagiarism detection tools such as Turnitin that can be accessed by you to check for plagiarism. This helps you in knowing if your work is unique or not.
  • Take external assistance: You can also take assistance from online Assignment Help companies. They understand how important it is for the students to deliver plagiarism-free work. They have a team of academic writers that put all their efforts to provide original content to the students.

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