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5 International Foods That Americans are Forbidden to Eat

07 Sep

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5 International Foods That Americans are Forbidden to Eat

Are you living in America? Want to know what are the 5 International foods that Americans are forbidden to eat? Need the justification of why these foods are forbidden? Then this blog is made especially for you. Here, we are listing 5 International foods that Americans are forbidden to eat:

  1. Ackee
  2. Shark fins
  3. Casu Marzu
  4. Haggis
  5. Beluga Caviar

Ackee: It is originated in Jamaica and forbidden in the United States. due to its ripeness. Either it can act as enjoyable fruit or sometimes, deadly. If it is not ripened accurately, then high levels of Hypoglycin A and B present in the fruit can be lethal after swallowing. It can be traditionally consumed as boiled and cooked fruit with salted cod. If it is ripened completely, then it is safe to consume. Otherwise, incomplete ripening can cause adverse reactions due to the high levels of hypoglycemic A and B. This is the major reason why FDA is not allowing this fruit in the United State. FDA is continuously posting several guidelines to monitor the approved ackee products as importing of fresh Ackee fruit is still not permitted in United State.

Shark fins: Shark fins were originated in China. It is not allowed in the United State. to protect the complete exhaustion of sharks in the oceans. This is the reason why “Possession, sale, trade and consumption of shark fins” is banned in the United State. These regulations have been made to reinforce the preservation efforts which were initiated at the State level with “Shark Conservation Act of 2010” and “Shark Finning Prohibition Act of 2000”.

Casu Marzu: Casu Marzu was originated in Italy. Pecorino cheese present in Casu Marzu is intentionally infested with maggots.  After some passage of time, maggots lay eggs in the pecorino cheese and consumes it till its readiness for those who dare to consume Casu Marzu.

Haggis: Country of origin of Haggis is the United Kingdom. Haggis has sheep lung, which is the major reason of ban in the United State.  FDA has banned all the food items which contain lungs.

Beluga Caviar Iran, Russia, and other countries near to the Caspian Sea are the origin countries of Beluga Caviar. The United States has banned the import of Beluga Caviar due to overfishing. It is done to preserve the species of Beluga Caviar. Found all the information related to forbidden food items interesting? Need some assistance in other topics too? We can also help you in providing complete details related to homework help and assignment help as well. You can check our other blogs related to homework help and assignment writing service. We, at Livewebtutors, have a team of dedicated experts who work hard to deliver you the assigned task on time.

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