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100+ Essay Topics That Will Shoot Up Your Grades through the Roof

100+ Essay Topics That Will Shoot Up Your Grades through the Roof
cal LiveWebTutors cal 29 May, 2019

When it comes to preparing your essay, the most dreaded task of all time is to select a topic. Not only it’s challenging but also it’s quite a hectic task because choosing a topic will decide how good your assignment of preparing an essay is going to be. It has to be engaging, interactive, and have all the aspects as stated by your professor. So, it becomes very important for you to follow the best approach to find the most appealing topic with which you can prove your point and connect with your audience.

Below mentioned are a hundred essay topics from which you can choose for your needs and allow yourself to score the best grades you’re always aiming for, take a look:-

  1. Should the duration of school recess be longer?
  2. Provide your critical understanding of dystopian literature.
  3. Elucidate on John Milton’s affinity towards mythology with reference to the first book of Name a fictional character that has helped shape your worldview.
  4. Talk about one incident where your pride got the better of you.
  5. What measures can the government take for disabled individuals?
  6. Paradise Lost.
  7. Analysis of two of the most prominent characters from Shakespearean comedies.
  8. The phenomenon of Stream of consciousness.
  9. Justify your stance on how personal finance can help propel you toward success.
  10. Elaborate on the experience of facing rejection or failure for the first time.
  11. Discuss the importance of learning a new skill.
  12. Write about an old friend who you have lost and also state how it happened.
  13. Share your experience of witnessing a cowardly act.
  14. Can money buy you happiness?
  15. Refusing to provide health insurance because of pre-existing conditions.
  16. Why the movie adaptations of literary works are underwhelming?
  17. Is pacifism a weakness or a philosophy? Provide arguments.
  18. The impact of domestic violence on children.
  19. Do social media propagate hate crimes? Justify.
  20. How rigid corporate policies can affect the mental health of employees.
  21. Write an essay about an exhilarating rollercoaster ride.
  22. Offer a vivid description of an adventure you embarked on recently.
  23. State your ideas on eradicating genetic diseases with the use of technology.
  24. Do you think we are losing the art of listening?
  25. The impact of immigration on the market.
  26. Whether there should be strict laws and regulations for illegal immigration.
  27. Discuss the importance of networking in modern times.
  28. The phenomenon of digital learning is going to change schools and education.
  29. Roles portrayed in Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge.
  30. Elaborate on John Osborne’s play Look Back in Anger.
  31. Black Lives Matter with reference to Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.
  32. A book that changed your perspective about an issue, what would it be?
  33. Has social media helped people to assume new identities?
  34. Social media access should come with a proper age limit policy.
  35. Does social media hamper productivity? Offer valid arguments.
  36. Discuss how human brains are different from computers.
  37. Is it possible to run a financial institution without the assistance of economic theories?
  38. How can technology be implemented to enhance classroom collaboration?
  39. Discuss the pros and cons of offering free wifi in cities.
  40. Emphasize the importance of taking part in community services from an early age.
  41. Should there be incentives for students who get good grades?
  42. Are white lies harmless? Provide evidence along with your answer.
  43. In scientific research, is the use of animals acceptable?
  44. Share your opinion on whether at any point genetic technology has gone too far.
  45. Elaborate on an accomplishment that sparked a period of personal growth for yourself.
  46. Discuss the role of social media during natural disasters and emergency situations.
  47. Is social media the breeding ground for bullies? Explain your stance.
  48. Elaborate on how Facebook and Instagram have emerged.
  49. Should there be gamification of education in higher education?
  50. Should college rankings be a valid criterion for applying to colleges?
  51. Should alternative medicines be considered a potent form of cure?
  52. Do college or university fraternities promote misogyny?
  53. Genetically modified food should be used to ward off hunger issues.
  54. Importance of the stock market to direct inflation and deflation.
  55. How the purchasing capacity of consumers impacts the pricing system adopted by businesses?
  56. Elaborate on how purchasing local produce impacts the economy.
  57. Discuss the benefits of crowdfunding on small businesses.
  58. Elaborate on the measures which businesses can take to sail through an economic crisis like the recession.
  59. Discuss the different factors that affect the problem-solving abilities of children.
  60. Discuss whether your school provides enough scope for you to be creative.
  61. Should coding be taught actively along with other subjects?
  62. The importance of Artificial Intelligence in our everyday lives.
  63. Describe a favorite picture from your childhood and also the memory behind it.
  64. Provide a vivid description of driving through the country roads while on a family trip.
  65. Share an experience where you were someone’s shoulder to cry on.
  66. Discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence on social media marketing.
  67. Shed light on the underlying causes of psychopathic behavior among children.
  68. Discuss the impact of cognitive behavior therapy in terms of warding off addiction.
  69. What is the bystander effect? How does it affect social psychology?
  70. Children are more prone to antisocial behavior with the advancement of technology.
  71. Ponder over the causes of insomnia.
  72. Should developed countries work more on environmental issues?
  73. Is the over-dependence on technology making people more materialistic?
  74. Should fast food joints maintain more transparency to consumers?
  75. The significance of learning basic survival skills.
  76. Opinion of the government for an individual about family planning.
  77. Do developing countries focus on education first or enhancing industrial skills?
  78. Will the internet replace books or written texts?
  79. Should foreign language training be made compulsory?
  80. Elucidate on offering international aid to under-developed countries.
  81. Provide a description of your visit to a historical place.
  82. Briefly elaborate on your experience of losing your way back home.
  83. Describe a particularly funny incident that happened on a subway ride.
  84. Should developed countries invest in providing nuclear power to developing countries?
  85. Playing video games can help children develop problem-solving skills.
  86. Is it necessary for children to be the “jack of all trades”?
  87. Briefly elucidate the different ways to lower the fiscal deficit of a country.
  88. Discuss the contribution of banks to the economic welfare of a country.
  89. Elucidate on the Utilisation and Sustainable Management of water resources.
  90. Discuss the role of individuals in conserving energy resources.
  91. Should cycles be considered a potent form of transport to regulate pollution?
  92. Discuss the causes of land degradation and also suggest ways they can be controlled.
  93. How we can adopt the practice of sustainable consumption in our lives.
  94. Is extinction a natural phenomenon? Can it be reversed? Offer valid evidence.
  95. Emphasize the impact of terrorism on democracy and civil liberty.
  96. Is racial discrimination the root of all evil? Justify your stance.
  97. Does society directly or indirectly propagate racism?
  98. Elaborate on the benefits of Multidisciplinary Studies in Solving Environmental issues.
  99. Analyze the consequences of deforestation on our environment.
  100. The phenomenon of reverse discrimination with proper arguments.

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