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10 Reasons College Students Should Make Time for Exercise

10 Reasons College Students Should Make Time for Exercise
cal LiveWebTutors cal 09 Jan, 2020

Nowadays, students spend most of their time on mobile phones and the internet and often do not look after their health in their e-hectic life, they often skip over any kind of exercise, which results in a decrease in stamina, laziness, and obesity. College students experience stress pertaining to coursework and packed schedules. there are two critical elements of a balanced and healthy fitness routine which are cardio exercise and strength training.

Exercise is also essential to keep your body and mind fit. It helps students to boost their memory, keeps them fresh, and increases their concentration. Hence students should be doing exercise regularly, for at least 30 minutes a day. They can exercise themselves in a variety of ways like going for a run, or a walk and taking part in sports and other physical activities to keep them active. 

Regular exercise will keep your stress levels reduced making you more energetic, and increasing your concentration and cognitive performance. It will also help you stay fit and healthy. You will always feel active and fresh. There are various benefits of exercise as it helps you to live a healthier life.

Some amazing reasons for college students to make time for exercise:

  • It Makes You Happier

Exercise helps in enhancing your mood as well as reduces depression, anxiety, and stress. It generates stimulations in various sections of the brain that help your body to manage stress and anxiety. Exercise is known to boost your brain in its sensitivity power and increase serotonin and norepinephrine level of hormones in your body, helping you to deal with depression.

Additionally, exercise can enhance responses, which are considered to produce accurate responses and diminish the thought of pain. It can also encourage them to be more aware of their mental state and help them divert their attention from needless worries

  • It Can Increase Your Energy Levels

Exercise helps in boosting the level of energy of college students as well as who are suffering from lots of health issues. It also built inner confidence in students who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and other serious diseases. Exercise is very beneficial for them too. 

It appears to be more efficient at fighting CFS than other methods of treatment, including passive therapies like relaxation and stretching, and many more.

  • It Enhances the Health of Your Brain and Boosts Memory

Exercise helps in enhancing the function of the brain and boosts memory as well as thinking skills. Exercise increases your heart rate, which elevates the circulation of blood as well as oxygen to all parts of the body. It also assists the body in improving the production of beneficial hormones that enhance the development of your brain cells. Exercise helps in stopping chronic infections thus keeping the brain forever healthy and helping it to function at its prime.

Exercise has shown strong scientific evidence of its benefits on the brain which is necessary for memory as well as the ability of learning. This helps to improve the mental function of college students.

  • Improves Concentration and Focus:

Regular exercise has strong advantages to increase concentration as well as focus. Concentration helps the students in their study and hard work. Exercise makes them more active and energetic to do studies and other activities. 

  • It also helps in weight reduction

Regular exercise is very beneficial for reducing weight. It helps you to stay slim and fit. Because of continuously sitting in the same position, students gain weight, which makes them fat and unfit, but exercise can help them in losing weight and fat. To know the effect of exercise on weight loss, it is essential to understand the connection between exercise and energy expenditure. Your body consumes energy in three ways: digesting food, exercising as well as keeping body functions such as the heartbeat and breathing.

During dieting, reduced-calorie consumption will reduce your rate of metabolic, which will prevent weight loss. Daily exercise boosts your rate of metabolism, which will burn extra calories and assist you in losing weight. Exercise with endurance training can cause maximum loss of fat as well as mass muscle support, which is essential for maintaining health.

  • It Can Help Skin Health

The skin can be influenced by the high amount of oxidative tension in your body.

An oxidative strain happens when the body's antioxidant protection cannot effectively improve the damage that free radicals cause to skin cells. This can harm their inner structures as well as worsen their skin.

Even though intense as well as exhaustive physical activities can provide oxidative harm, regular moderate exercise can increase your body's production of natural antioxidants that improve preserve cells. Exercise is also perfect for stimulating blood circulation and inducing skin cell adaptations that can aid the presence of skin aging.

  • It makes your muscles and bones strong

Exercise plays a crucial role in building, as well as maintaining strong muscles and bones. Physical activity such as weight lifting can incite muscle-building while matched with sufficient protein intake. This is because exercise stimulates discharge hormones that boost the strength of your muscles to absorb amino acids. This encourages them to develop and lessens their breakdown.

As a person ages, they tend to lose muscle mass as well as function, which can guide to damage and disabilities. Practicing consistent physical activity is crucial to lessening muscle loss as well as maintaining the intensity as you age. Exercise also gives benefits to building bone density when a person is younger, in extension to assisting stop osteoporosis next in life.

  •       Reduces stress level

Prolonged stress can cause many health issues, such as heart attacks and stomach problems. Exercise helps you sleep better and lessen anxiety. It can reduce the adverse effects of stress on your body. Many exercises can also assist you in reducing stress and anxiety in your body. It reduces the stress hormone in your body.

  •       It restores brain cell development

Most of the studies show that regular exercise has an intense effect on your mind. People who exercise regularly have more complex connections between neurons, which means they can access their brain cells more flexibly. 

  •       Helps you in staying fit and active all the time

When you do regular exercises, then it makes the immune system of your body, and your heart becomes healthier than ever and better at pumping blood to your arteriesExercise can make the lungs of your body better to hold and supply oxygen, and the exercises help in making your bone stronger. Staying in a hostel or college with millions of people will make you more prone to disease, but when you exercise daily, then you are at low risk to tailor whatever you go around.

  •       Lessen the risk of diseases

Daily exercises reduce the effects of blood pressure levels, diabetes, and cholesterol. Simple exercise and walking for 30 minutes a day help you in elevating your heart rate and minimize the impacts of diseases. So, start your exercises daily because it can aid in living a healthier and longer life. 

However, students may feel that they have no time to spare for doing some exercise. You don't need to become a bodybuilder and spend 4 to 5 hours in a gym, but regular exercise is essential to an active and fit body. It commits you to better your physical as well as your mental health.

How to follow healthy habits?

Being healthy and having fitness habits are like a challenge. Let's discuss tricks and tips which can help you to be more fruitful in a healthier life.

  • Make a schedule: A schedule becomes important for all college students as they don’t eat any edible items at a given time. They must come up with a schedule and follow the same when they are eating their food. Most food items should be rich in protein and fiber when they want to build muscles or lose weight. Also, coming up with an effective diet plan is necessary for all students. 
  • Hold water in hand: staying hydrated is very necessary for health, but students don't think about it. Students should carry a bottle filled with water all the time.
  • Find a healthy friend: it becomes easier to follow healthy habits when you share them with someone else. Find a friend at the gym or ask your roommate to join in. 
  • Download fitness app: various apps can make it easy to fit in some easy exercise and keep track of your fitness goals. It also includes active communities where you can find workout partners to help keep you accountable.
  • Reward yourself: You are always welcome to reward yourself whenever you think that you have achieved your goals. This helps you in keeping yourself motivated and energized all the time.

In college life, various personal habits have an impact on health behaviors, time management, leisure activity, academic activities, and social media use. There was a relationship between study time, physical activity, and fitness outcomes. In a nutshell, physical activity and exercise are significant for students and decreased the risk of various chronic diseases. Students are required to find time to exercise from their daily routine so that they can always be healthier and smarter in their busy lives.

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