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10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn In 2019

10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn In 2019
cal LiveWebTutors cal 18 Jun, 2019

Are you into a programming course? You might be confused about which programming language you must specialize in to have a brighter future. When you are pursuing a programming course, it is very important that you must have a detailed idea about each and everything related to the respective topic. You will be asked to prepare different types of assignments on it and this will certainly be quite challenging for you. You can always consider going for our assignment help services as we will help you understand the different aspects related to the assignment and also help you get it completed as per the given time frame.

But, if you are still confused when it comes to deciding about a programming language which you want to specialize in the year of 2019 then, we will help you with it.

Below mentioned are the list of few Programming Languages which you can consider and have an impeccable career, take a look:


In today’s world, it has certainly become one of the hot favorites of every programmer and developer. The reason behind this is that it has a very easy syntax to work upon and is just perfect to develop various types of web and mobile application. It is growing big time and has no hiccups at all. It’s easy to use syntax not only enhances the efficiency but also reduces the time and cost of the entire project. So, as a student, you must consider python as your first choice for specializing.


This is a scripting language used for designing the animation related needs for any kind of web page! It allows you to make your website interactive and engaging. This language proves to be a great choice for HTML coding making it look extremely appealing and interactive. This scripting language is also taken into consideration by developers for their other contexts also. It doesn’t need to be compiled and is just perfect for one to learn to have a great career.


It’s a general-purpose object-oriented programming language which is good enough to develop a range of mobile applications, web applications, and even gaming applications. So, it will certainly be a lot more in demand and it is good enough to grab you a great career ahead.


Here we are talking about one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages of all time. This programming language has always been the hot favorite among the students since it has been developed and has become the go-to language for the students around the world to get a hold in the world of development. It is a perfect combination of low-level and high-level language and just all works perfectly to develop the application as per the required business needs.

C++ :

It’s another object-oriented programming language which is an extension of the programming language C. It is the best language to consider and because not only it is similar to C but has real-life concepts in use like inheritance, abstraction, classes, object encapsulation, and polymorphism. If you desire to learn Java it is highly recommended that you consider learning C++ first.


It is a perfect programming language which allows one to understand more about security related contexts. In fact, it has the same syntax as that of C++ but, here you will get better memory protection which makes it easier to maintain. It plays a big part in generating high performance and there are many who are looking for Rust professionals so, you must not hesitate to pursue a course on it.


It’s a statistically typed programming language. This programming language came into existence in the year of 2009 and was created by Google. The syntax used in the Go programming language is completely the same as of the C programming language. This programming language comes with added attributes like garbage collection, memory safety, structural typing, and more. However complex it is to program, Go will make it simpler and quicker saving you a lot of time and bucks.


This is a very popular programming language is considered by a number of students because of its use in Apple. This programming language is just an ideal way to develop a Software in the easiest way. One can also use this software and create different types of web application mobile application and even gaming software is. It is completely safe to use this programming language and the best part is that it is quick to give you the results with complete efficiency.


Typescript came into existence in the year of 2012 and it was founded by Microsoft. It has been taken into consideration for developing JS applications. This programming language is just perfect  for the future JavaScript as it has the attribute of typing and also help you with quick coding which can certainly save you quite a lot of time.


It is an object-oriented open source programming language which was designed and developed and to make the entire process simple and enhance productivity. This programming language can easily run in the operating system like Windows, Linux, and even in macOS. With the use of Ruby, one will be able to create a web application in a quicker period of time and that too with much more efficiency.

So, these are the 10 programming languages which one must consider and if you have any kind of issues related to it, you can always consider taking assistance from our assignment help UK professionals.

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