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The path of successful academic writing begins as soon as you start scribbling your ideas on a paper. It is essential to hit the right tone, present persuasive arguments to the readers, and accurately follow the customs and norms of your subject area. Luckily we are here to support you! The academic editors recruited at the LiveWebTutors strive to assist you in presenting your opinion while, simultaneously, following the set standards of academic writing. They work hard so that students can submit their assignments without the fear of rejection or failure.

Our editing panel can efficiently edit and proofreads different types of academic documents, with high satisfaction rates.

  • Thesis
  • Academic Manuscripts
  • Doctoral Dissertations
  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Research Proposals
  • Research Papers
  • Capstone Projects
  • Term Papers
  • Personal Statements or Admission Essays

Our team can also help you with editing and writing in diverse languages such as French, German, Spanish, etc.

Professional Proofreading Editing Service at your fingertips

With the high standard Proofreading Editing Service from the LiveWebTutors, a student can submit his assignments and projects without any hesitation. The entire evaluation process is confidential and hassle-free.

Our editors and proof-readers review your document and correct all the language, typographical, formatting, structural, and spelling errors consistently.

Who our editors and proof-readers are?

  • First language editors
  • Highly qualified academicians from prestigious universities
  • Trained and experienced academic writing professionals
  • Subject matter experts from different disciplines

The responsibility of our editors

When you choose Proofreading Editing Services from the LiveWebTutors, the editor assigned to your document will review your assignment for any errors and share relevant in-text feedback using the track changes and comments feature of the Microsoft Word. The editor will also provide suitable suggestions that will help you become a better writer in the future.

The issues addressed by our editors are:

  • Language error
  • Academic style and tone
  • Feedback in the form of relevant tips and advice
  • Grammatical and syntax errors
  • Punctuation errors
  • Writing conventions
  • Consistency in the content
  • Answering queries

A student can enjoy multiple value-added benefits with every editing and proofreading order he places with the editors of LiveWebTutors. We consider it our responsibility to improve the quality of your academic assignment and share appropriate feedback with you.

Building a strong structure for your academic assignments

Along with the top-notch Proofreading Editing Services, LiveWebTutors also provides impeccable structure check services to help a student enhance the structure of his assignments and projects. The editing panel reviews your document to ensure that it is properly organized and contains all the necessary elements. The pointers are shared in the form of in-text comments and a specially-tailored structure check report.

What do we mean by in-text feedback?

Our editors make direct changes if the revision does not change the meaning of the text, for instance, adding and merging paragraphs or deleting any accidental repetition. Apart from this, the editors also provide in-text feedback about certain aspects of your assignment such as the paragraph structure, the numeration of illustrations and tables, redundant information, organization style of different chapters, and ensuring that each section fulfils the main objective and goal of your document.

What is a structure check report?

A structure check report helps a student to easily identify the missing aspects in the different chapters or sections of an assignment and hence, prioritize the improvements accordingly. After skimming through a structure check report, a student can get a clear idea of where will efforts have the greatest impact. A structure check report largely focuses on transforming the abstract of an assignment to clearly state the relevance of research, literature review to ensure a smooth transition between different sections, results to showcase the fruits of efforts, discussion to present a clear interpretation of results, and the conclusion to include only relevant details in the assignment.

Astonishing clarity check services

When a student avails the quality check service from the LiveWebTutors, the editing panel puts in the best of its efforts to help him present a lucid and logical assignment to the authorities. The feedback shared by these editors is related to the presentation of the concepts and stating the relevance behind the arguments presented.

The editors associated with the clarity check services ensure that the text included in an assignment presents relevant and clear information. They analyze the document to ensure a clear presentation of diverse concepts and ideas and provide professional feedback for your argumentation. The editors working on this service also highlight the contradiction present in the text of your assignment. Clarity check cross-list and multiple in-text comments are used by the clarity check editors of this platform.

What do the editors check to establish clarity and logicality in the assignments?

  • The assignment has a logical beginning, middle, and end.
  • The arguments presented are sensible.
  • The information is included in an accurate sequence.
  • Valid and reliable information is added as per the arguments presented.
  • Absence of any uncontradictory data or arguments.
  • Adding only relevant examples to support the information.
  • The subject and purpose of the document should be clear.
  • The question being addressed should be clear.
  • Ensuring relevant methodology is used.
  • Terms are defined properly.
  • The limitations, scope, and recommendations are explained accurately.

Dependable reference check services

The editors recruited at the LiveWebTutors specialize in improving the reference section of your assignment as well as the in-text citations. These experts are well versed with popular referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Oxford, Chicago, Harvard, etc.

What do the reference check editors do for the students?

  • Enhance the overall layout of a reference list.
  • Make sure that the added references meet the style guide requirements.
  • Review the in-text citations with the main reference list to make sure there are no missing sources.
  • Provide relevant feedback on the incomplete reference entries.
  • Include missing details in the in-text citations on the basis of the reference list.

All a student has to do is state the number of sources he has added in his reference list and share the details of the suitable reference style. The editors of LiveWebTutors will handle the rest.

Astounding layout check services

What is the role of a layout specialist editors?

  • Generating an automatic table of contents
  • Formulating a list of tables and figure
  • Reviewing the document for consistent paragraph formatting
  • Insert accurate page numbers

In order to enjoy the layout editing service from the LiveWebTutors, a student can simply state which items we need assistance with at the time of placing an order for the Proofreading Editing Services.

Our Amazing Features

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  • Plagiarism Free Work

  • 24 X 7 Live Help

  • Services For All Subjects

  • Best Price Guarantee

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They offer varied value-based academic services which are definitely praiseworthy and help you gain the added advantage over others.

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They have a few introductory offers available on their website from time to time, which is extremely exciting to get your hands on.

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They write such catchy introductions that make way for an impressive assignment, helping you to grab high academic grades.

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