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Table of Content

Pie Chart

A pie, as we know, is also termed as a dessert in English language, and is in a circular shape. In the same way, in Mathematical terms, a pie chart is a circular representation of the data, wherein, all the data is divided in such a way that it becomes the part out of 360. Here, in a pie chart we take 360 degrees, as a complete circle is made up about 360 degrees. Now, to sketch a pie chart, we first change the data into percentages or in degrees, by multiplying the each fraction of the data by 360 degrees.

To create a pie chart, we broke it into certain parts, just like fractions, where certain parts are larger or smaller. For example, if we have a set of 20 students where out of 20 students, 3 plays guitar, 10 plays harmonium, 5 plays flute and the rest 2 play Tabla. Now, we will change each data into fractions, and then into percentages and then into degrees, like 3/20 * 100 = 15 percent and 3/20 * 360 = 54 degrees, like 10/20 * 100 = 50 percent and 10/20 * 360 = 180 degrees, like 5/20 * 100 = 25 percent and 5/20 * 360 = 90 degrees, and 2/20 * 100 = 10 percent and 2/20 * 360 = 36 degrees. We can also check, the total percentage should be equal to 100, that is, 15 + 50 + 25 + 10 = 100, and similarly the total of the degrees should also be equal to 360 degrees, that is, 54 + 180 + 90 + 36 = 360 degrees. Now, we will make a circle and we will put the protractor to one side of the circle and mark the 54 degrees angle and in between that part, we are going to write the corresponding percentage of 54 degrees there, that is, we will write 15 percent in that part.

The next part will be marked, from where the last part of 54 degrees end. We will put our protractor there, and we will mark the next 180 degrees starting from the end of 54 degrees, and similarly, we will mark all the next degrees and thereby writing all the percentages within each degree. In the end, we will get a pie chart representing, 15 % of the total student showing interest in guitar, 50 % in harmonium, 25 % in flute and 10 % in Tabla. Thus, pie chart gives a good clear picture of the data represented by percentages, by looking at it, at once.

In short, a pie chart represents a circle which is based on the percentages of the data given, wherein each fraction of percentages represents a part of the total pie, wherein some of the parts are smaller or larger. So this is how we can make a pie chart for the data given to us basis the percentages of all the parameters.

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