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    Innovative Vectors Assignment Help

    In the developing countries many people die due to the vector borne diseases.

    The major causes of vector borne diseases are –

    1. Diseases caused by poverty.
    2. Economic burdens through disability.
    3. Missing educational opportunities for children and young adults.

    In order to control the diseases which are transmitted in and around the home are controlled through combination of vector control drugs and vaccines.


    The main role of innovative vector control is to support vector control products and information systems.

    Objectives of Innovative Vector Control are as follows-

    The first purpose is to create three modes of action by 2020.

    Reformation of the current strategies and provide opportunities for resistance management.

    Extension of vector control products and systems.

    Committed to development of new insecticides for public health vector control.

    Effective campaigns are going to be established against malaria and dengue.


    Long residual spray products have been launched from their industrial sector which has increased the information systems for controlling the vector borne diseases.

    They have introduced Terraframe which is a commercial software house to create the malaria vaccination support system.

    They are creating the bodies which are working globally on vector borne diseases.


    Advancement and expansion in the development programmes by 2020

    Development of existing Formulations and Repurposing programmes to deliver the products for effective management programmes.

    Establishment of processes and capabilities for effectiveness of new programmes in vector control for the increase of the inventions and spread it worldwide for effective results.

    Development of various organisations which are capable of delivering the ongoing statement of IVCC .


    The MDSS is a computer package that collects the data on disease incidence and intervention activities which provides a web based information to the readers about the disease. The countries which are connected with this projects are Malawai, Mozambique and Zambia, Liverpool school of tropical medicine and Colorado state University.


    Dengue is the most common mosquito – borne viral diseases which are mostly spread in tropical and sub tropical regions. Every year more than fifty million cases of dengue fever are seen in the world. The main objective of dengue decision support system is to provide a proper vaccination to the patients who suffer severely during dengue fever.

    The novel strategies provided by the dengue decision support system are –

    Usage of Google Earth to spread ample and valuable information regarding the vaccination of dengue fever.

    ‘Casa Segura’ - proactive vector control approach based on long lasting insecticides treating materials within the home as window curtains and door drapes.

    Syndromic surveillance for rapid detection of rapid outbreaks of dengue for more vector control intervention.

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