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Organization Behavior Homework Help

Organization is formed by its people, structures, and the groups. So the way or the manner in which they behave, resolve their issues and function will determine the behavior of the entire organization. It has application of the following fields in it like: psychology, sociology, communication and the management. Study of this field of humanresources helps an organization in its continuous development and growth.

There have been various theories related to the organization Behavior such as

Theory X & Y – Theory X says that people dislike work and will try to avoid it as much as he can. X kind of people lacks everything – responsibility, ambition and security levels. These people need to be punished for their acts in order to get the work out of them. Y kind of people is self controlled and self directed.

There have been various models of organization behavior such as

a. Autocratic Model – It is basically power with authority. It says that the people have command and the authority to take out the work from you. The results or the performance levels of these individuals are minimum.

b. Custodial Model – Basically security is the main objective of this kind of people.

c. Supportive Model – It is said to be the leadership with the support from the leader for his team. Here the employees usually use the terminology like “we”.

d. Collegial Model – Here the kinds of needs that are met are the self actualization needs. Employees feel a degree of fulfillment and the meeting of the self actualization needs.

e. System Model – Here the employees have the desire to know their deepest selves and the main objective is to grow personally. This model displays the positive organization behavior. Managers are sensitive to the needs of their teams.

The entire field of organization behavior helps in evolving the organization and assessing the kind of model or the system persisting so that the future course of action or the steps could be taken in this regard and hence the employee training and development needs could be assessed and hence specific targeted modules could be designed for them and hence the organization could grow with respect to employee development, retention levels, revenue figures, targets, sales and the profit margins. In order to improve the behavior of the organization,work motivation needs to be introduced through the following processes –

1. Job Enrichment – There should not lie monotony in the job profile of any individual and hence it should be redesigned with time in order for him to achieve recognition, promotion, responsibility and growth.

2. Flexi-Timings – employees should be allowed to come to office at any time and serve the period of the company and complete their tasks and hence the satisfaction levels will automatically increase as they will come as per their comfort levels.

3. Empowerment – It refers to the task of giving authority and power to the employee to take their own decisions and be accountable for it when the objective has to be achieved.

4. Employee Stock ownership plan – It is the major tool of retention of the employees as the employees get the company stocks and hence the security and share in company’s profit and growth.

5. Quality Circles – These are certain group of people who meet on regular intervals and discuss among themselves the specific issues which need the expert advice.

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