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Capacity Management Assignment Help

It can be called as a process that is basically used to manage the information technology. This technique helps in managing the information technology for all the current and future needs in cost effective manner. Capacity management can be broadly divided into three processes:

  • Service Capacity Management
  • Business Capacity Management
  • Component Capacity Management.

a. Service Capacity Management – It refers to the overall process being followed in order to manage the information technology involved in delivering the services to the clients, associates etc.

b. Business Capacity Management – The entire information technology management for the overall business operations which are not pertaining to a particular service or a product. In order for a business to be successful, it is quite essential to have a sound base information technology and once the technology is developed and implemented, it needs to be managed effectively so that the business runs effectively and success is achieved in each and every task that is being done.

c. Component Capacity Management – Information Technology has various components involved in it and all the components need to be taken care of, managed properly. Components if managed as they are and as required are modified then the entire information technology system will work perfectly fine.

Information Technology changes with time, requirements and business objectives of a company so the process of capacity management will also change as per the situation and the demand of time.

Broadly speaking capacity management is very much linked with the following: -

a. Continuous monitoring of the productivity, efficiency and the working of the information technology like – server etc.

b. Fully fledged development of the plan and the techniques of capacity management process.

c. Drafting after complete understanding of the demands of the service.

d. Complete analysis of the performance of the full information technology.

It is also liked with the process called as “Performance Engineering”. So engineering involves the information technology usage and performance refers to monitoring the engineering processes and the usage of the information technology. Before we manage the entire capacity, at first it is essential to plan the capacity of the entire company in terms of its infrastructure of the information technology. Capacity can be increased and managed as per the business requirements. It becomes a priority and utmost importance to manage the information technology.

The Major objectives of the Capacity Management

1. Remove all the processes or the techniques that may lead to the failure of the system or the information technology.

2. Develop or derive the techniques which help in re-working on the performance issues of the information technology.

3. As much as possible reduce the costs involved in the capacity management.

4. Additional overheads involved in the repair and maintenance costs involved in Capacity Management should be avoided.

5. Reduce the acquisition costs of the hardware required for the smooth running of the business.

6. Continuous process of System and Information Technology monitoring.

7. Successful running of the business and its operations once the capacity management is in place.

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