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Business Operations

Operations refer to the ongoing continuous activities related to the smooth running and working of the business. Operation can be in relevance to various fields like business operations, project operations, management operations etc. Operations always produce value and purpose for an individual, team, manager and an organization.

Business Operations Processes

  • Consistent Income Generation – For operations to run smoothly the income should consistently keep running and coming in order to run the business, fulfill various expenses and get the revenue and the overall profitability of the company.
  • Enhancing the value of the assets of business – By making name & fame in the market, creating the value of the assets.
  • Securing the income, reducing the expenses and valuing the business operations – A business operation can only be profitable only when the expenses are reduced, more and more income is generated and business value is obtained & created.

Operation can be called as heart and soul for any kind of business. The meaning of operations would differ from business to business. In case we talk about manufacturing business, the operations would include – purchasing, raw material management, stock management, distribution, quality management and inventory management etc. But if we discuss Information Technology management then the operations will include the following processes as its part like – Project scanning, software testing, hardware availability etc. So Operations gets its meaning different in every different kind of business. Defining operations in lay man language is not possible. So it is essential to see the base and perspective from where the operation is defined and looked upon.

In today’s competitive world operations forms the core of the business and in case the operations will not work the business would not be generated. For example if we talk of surveying companies the operations people would process the claims and generate the business for the company, whereas the non-operational people or departments such as HR, Admin, marketing etc will act as a support function.

Operational support is the main consideration for any company. Operations would not run smoothly if the people who are assets for any company do not show their performance. Based on the product, services and kind of the business of the company, the business model of any organization is developed and floated and once the model is been derived then the business would run as per the same model and working style.

Generally the word operations constitute the well & clearly defined process which may be divided into the following four categories: -

  • Processing – In this stage the processing or acting upon on the information, data, raw material takes place.
  • Inspection – Once the processing has taken place, a checking process is mandatorily be followed as necessary in order to avoid wastage.
  • Transport – This part takes care of delivery and transportation of the material, product or services etc.
  • Storage – The warehouse plays a very important role in the operations as stock storage takes place in it.

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