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Table of Content

Chords of Circle

Any line which one side to other end of a circle is known as Chords. The Diameter is known as the special it divide the circle in two equal parts. Thus the two parts made because of the chord are called can be large and one smaller. We may also understand the chord of contact in the circles, by drawing a Circle and making the center point C, we also make a point P outside the our previous studies me must have studied tangents what are they are nothing but the lines who connects circle, this way there can be only two tangents, we give the name to both the point A and B and connect AB which becomes the Chord of the circle. With respect to P lying outside the circle, thus this is known as the chord of contact as the point P is out of the Circle. If this was the same P inside the Circle we would have never made the chord of the contact.

In arcs and chords of a circle we have to determine length, let’s consider a mathematicsquestion given as Find the length of the circle if a chord length is 12 cm and 4 cm from the center of the circle. Let’s draw a picture having a circle which will call circle O and lets draw a chord AB having 12 cm from O has a length till chord, whose distance is 4 cm. We call it as C. Remember that the distance from a point to a segment is represented by the perpendicular to the segment. Notice the segment OC is the part of diameter of the circle and if the diameter of a circle is perpendicular to a chord then it bisects the chord, so segment AB which has the length of 12 cm is split in to two concluded segments each with a length of 6 cms.

Thus in simpler way AC is 6 cm and CB is also 6cm.To find the radius of the circle lets draw radius OB and give it a length of x. Notice the right triangle that is formed which is OCB, so we can use the Pythagorean Theorem to set up the equation 4 squared+6 squared equals x squared. Which simplifies to 16+36 equals x squared, or 52 equals x squared and square rooting both sides.2root 13 equals x. Thus radius is 2 root 13 cm.

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